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Tactic Removed???


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 19, 2018
Prior to the beta: there was a tactic to help you get out of a sticky situation faster. The tactic was when you reloaded, your magazine would be filled about halfway through the reload animation. When your gun was reloaded (full magazine) you could melee out of this with your "v" key to do a quick bash out of the reload animation. This process was called reload canceling. However, the tactic i'm referring to is the tactic that can be used in tandem with reload canceling. I have yet to see this tactic be named so for the purposes of shortening things I will just call it Bash cancel. The Bash cancel is the ability to shoot your gun to cancel a quick bash ("v" key). By using the "v" key to reload cancel, then shooting to bash cancel you could quickly and reliably reload and continue shooting faster.

However, I discovered that this tactic was removed during in the current "Summer opt-in beta" I am wondering if this was intentional, and if so why? Also I am posting this so new players can use this tactic if it hasn't been taken out in the normal game.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 4, 2017
Reload Canceling seems to be the other victim in the much hated "Parry nerf".

In any case, quick melee and melee animations seem uninterruptible by self actions now.


Grizzled Veteran
Jul 7, 2009
Not being able to interrupt a bash by shooting doesn't only effect reloads. It's especially annoying if you start a bash just before zed time starts, and you've got a nice L25 zed time skill, and opportunity to use it.
I loved starting zed time with an HX25 trash head bash, and then immediately launching nukes at the zeds well behind it. But if you wait for the end of the bash to shoot, you barely have time to nuke the floor at your feet.
Nov 3, 2015
Servalion;n2319729 said:
Reload Canceling seems to be the other victim in the much hated "Parry nerf".

In any case, quick melee and melee animations seem uninterruptible by self actions now.
You can still reload cancel, so their "fix" for it didn't remove it. You have to press and hold down Fire and hit Bash as soon as the ammo loads. It's just more of a pain to do now because if you press and hold down fire too early or too late in the reload you'll bash and get stuck in the animation. Not to mention bash being a problem sometimes now that you can't interrupt it.

Also, it's only bash (and parry?) that's uninterruptible. You can still interrupt Mouse 1/Mouse 2 swings with Berserker weapons/knife. You just can't interrupt them with parry.
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