Sync Music for Players on Personal Server

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Oct 14, 2017
Thread title; I know this has been asked before but I have a more specific question that I have yet to see answered. I have not followed Gia's guide completely for creating playlists because I think the client will still randomly play a track out of the playlist. In another post it seems the server will tell the client to play from an array, and this is what really interests me.

zYnthetic;n2108004 said:
Now that it's released we can look.
For wave music the authority (server in multiplayer) tells clients to play music from an array, ambient or action, and the client randomly plays tracks from that array until the server tells it to switch to another array or stop. The boss phase is the exception. Here the wave music is stopped and the server forces a specific song.
KFGameInfo and KFGameReplicationInfo explain most of it.
btw, dialog is also event based, not line specificed.

I host my own server, and I have the audio tracks exactly as I want them, but now I want my friends and I to all hear the same track while we play. My issue is I am not sure what to do with the above information. I can't find KFGameInfo nor KFGameReplicationInfo ini files, if I dive into DefaultGame.ini I find KFGame.KFGameInfo, which leads me to want to find the GameplayEventsWriter class. Don't know if that is in one of the .upk files, but I want to ask for guidance/help.

Any insight/thoughts/ideas/insults would be greatly appreciated.