Switching shells with patch

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 24, 2006
kabex said:
HEAT rounds are veeeeeery damaging to tanks.

They're basically a panzerfaust in a shell.

Explosive shells just go BANG! and cause armor to flex, heat and splinters of steel to fly inside the tank.

Panzerfausts are totaly diffrent because they sent a chunk of molten copper into the armor wich penetrates it.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 24, 2005
I am confused about the new reloading system as well.

To my understanding I thought it was switching to a manual reloading scheme, where you would fire, then select your round type, then reload.

But the gun still automatically starts reloading, so you have to make your ammo choice before you fire the current round, you can't fire and then decide what you want to load next. So....isn't it basically just the older system except without unloading of rounds?


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 12, 2006
It's the old system but you're saved a step. You have to plan ahead before you fire still, and know what you want to shoot AFTER you shoot this round, but you can switch before you shoot, which is better than being forced to unload like the old system.

It's really not that different from the system like the bolt action rifles, except that instead of hitting another button to reload, you plan ahead. You're still better off having SOMETHING in the breech to fire than having nothing.