Swat role change and ideas

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Apr 20, 2021
I've started playing ALOT of swat lately. I play all left side because I love being an absolute tank that can frontline against big zeds when using the riot shield. The other possible role is a nimble assassin that doesnt really do a better job than commando but can certainly bring firepower to an already strong team.

I believe that the swat should have increased movement speed passively with bullet resistance scrapped since it's basically useless against non bosses and have built in knockdown power on legshots Instead of it being a chosen perk.

I believe the swat needs the ability to have its handgun sold and have an upgraded mp7 In its place. The other perk keeping the handgun would be hollow point rounds that have 200% more knock back and do 85% more damage.

Another idea is to be able to have heavy armor training supply 50% armor to the team while having 150% armor itself and spawn with 50 armor too as it already does.

The other idea for a perk would be to be able to stun raging Fleshpounds with the flash bangs and the effect is 2 seconds longer.