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Swastika Burger from McDonalds


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 24, 2014
A woman found a butter swastika on her chicken sandwich from McDonalds and is outraged.


I'd like to propose the question: Why would you check the burger for something like that? Looking at the picture given, I'd say that the guy might actually have tried to get the butter on that thing efficiently OR shall I be daring and say this "lady" is craving for attention, in need of money and put this there herself?

Honestly, if I dare discover a moon-shaped cookie the next time I go shopping I shall also be very offended as there is a religious symbol from Islam disguised as a children's treat. So gross. I will of course call the head office of the supermarket chain and ask what corrective action will be taken! :rolleyes:

Her direct affiliation of the swastika to the Nazis shows how sharrow-minded she must be. The swastika has been around way longer before this midget with a mustache and his goons took it as their crest. I wonder what she'd be like if she happens to enter a Buddhist Temple. Nazi Occultists! :rolleyes:

Particularly as an US citizen she should be aware that the swastika was in usage by the Navajo Indians long before the white man came to gun them down.

We have this kind of high brainers here also, they make our country look bad as people might think everyone here is so shallow-minded. But on the other side as long as they don't have high ranks in society, everything is cool, but if this is your superior at work, HALLELUYAH! :(.
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Apr 12, 2013
Over here, no not there, here.
Yeah I think the best part is that she was outraged about it
"This sandwich wants to ethnically cleanse my family! <:O"
I'd be like
I might take a picture
But it would ultimately end with me eating the sandwich and going about my day.
Particularly as an US citizen she should be aware that the swastika was in usage by the Navajo Indians long before the white man came to gun them down.
You should no better than to think that we Americans know things about history :p
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Dec 8, 2005
McDonalds should officially include swastika burgers into their menu.

I wonder how many people unknowingly ate the swastikas from that employee, now they should feel paranoid about the little nazis growing inside of them.

Oy The Destroyer

FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 21, 2014
Not Here

First burgers and bullets and now this! A country almost totally full of ignorant idiots who don't think past themselves.