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Survivalist Tweaks


Active member
Mar 26, 2017
I'd prefer the survivalist got remade from scratch, but if the devs are just going to tweak the current survivalist, then i have a few suggestions to make surv more viable.

1. Make Tactical Reload apply to all weapons.

2. Replace "Heavy Weapon Training" with a new skill called "Weapons Master". Weapons Master increases all damage dealt by 10% and reduces weapon recoil by 25%. Think of it as a weaker version of the Hollow Point Rounds skill, except it affects all weapons.

3. Add a passive weight limit increasing perk bonus that adds +1 weight capacity per 5 levels.

4. Remove the +5 weight capacity from Weapon Harness and add 50% faster weapon swap speed to it.

5. Add another passive perk bonus that increases movement speed by 0.4% per level (10% total at level 25). My reasoning behind this one is that running from threats is a good way to SURVIVE, it really jarring that a survivalist perk doesn't have this kind of passive already (well outside of Melee Expert)

6. Reduce Melee experts movement speed increase from 25% to 15%. This is a counterbalance to #5. We don't want people running around like Sonic afterall.

7. Ammo vest should increase magazine capacity by 25% in addition to what it already does. Presently this skill is a bit underused and this would increase it's viability.

Thoughts on these changes?


Grizzled Veteran
Mar 19, 2010
Overall, I like it!

1. Agreed. I'd do more though (more to that later)

2. Sounds good enough, I guess. Although, I'd give the recoil bonus to Tactical Reload as well, as many people are otherwise gonna find Weapons Master too good. Some name changes to suggest, with that in mind: Tactical Reload = Dexterity. Weapons Master = Target Practice.

3. Could work.

4. Sounds like this skill got quite underpowered, in comparison to the now upgraded Ammo Vest. I'd maybe also change up the Molotov's effect to be a HE Grenade WITH the Molotov's afterburn added to it! After all, the Firebug's Molotov is still longer lasting (10 seconds, versus Survivalist's 5 seconds). Further, maybe add +1 grenade cap too? Then you have Medicnade+15%ammo+25%magsize versus HEgrenade-with-afterburn+50%swapspeed+1grenade. Decently fair choices, I'd say (even if I feel Ammo Vest would be superior, generally).

5. Sounds fine.

6. Sounds fine, but I still think a talent dedicated to melee weaponry is a bad thing, as it still pidgeonholes the choice a bit. I'd personally merge in Melee Expert into its passives in some way. Like, the passive damage bonus is quadrupled for melee weapons (i.e. +60% at level 25), and i'd add the 20% attackspeed to Dexterity (the upgraded Tactical Reload), while "Target Practice's" damage bonus is doubled for melee (i.e. +20% for a max total of +80% melee power, but then with no attackspeed bonus, in contrast). That means Dexterity gives you 20% attackspeed and 60% melee bonus from your passive, while Target Practice gives you a total of 80% melee damage bonus. Power versus speed, basicly - which I feel is a great playstyle kind of choice to make. Compare that to the current effects: 20% attackspeed and 65% melee bonus if you choose Melee Expert, or just 15% melee bonus with passive alone if you choose Medic Training.

Then, have this "Melee Expert" talent still give some movespeed (melee alone, doesn't matter to me), but also healthregen and/or anti-Clot-grab. That gives it a generalist survivability bonus, which, in particular, still suits melee combat very well. Call it... Survival instincts? Then you choose between this skill as a "selfish" skill, versus Medic Training which is more supportive.

7. Could work too, I guess?


I also think "Make Things Go Boom!" and "Lockdown" need something extra. Simply adding +50% of all incap effects to MTGB (and call it "Havoc"?) and make its AoE bonus work with ALL types of AoE-effects (including your handgrenades) would make that talent enticing. And Lockdown (renamed "Unstoppable"?) could instead becoming the same as SWAT's Battering Ram.
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 25, 2012
RaNdOmKiLs666;n2331032 said:
1. Make Tactical Reload apply to all weapons.
This is pretty much requested in every rework suggested thread you'll find. I'm shocked it didn't make the cut in this rework..



Grizzled Veteran
Jul 7, 2009
Nice suggestions for L5 skills, the global reloads vs global damage/recoil is a lot nicer than splitting the encouraged arsenal in two, what the current L5 skills do.

But I think your suggestions for L15 skills might be less balanced than the current L15 skills. Before considering grenades, your suggested L15 skills seem already a bit in ammo vest's favor. But considering grenades, maybe this is a matter of preference, but I think medic grenades have vastly more utility than molotovs, so the other aspects of these two skills should favor weapon harness over ammo vest to counteract that. Or, grenade choice could be separated from skills, more on that here.
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 18, 2012
Those seem more reasonable than building a whole new perk around that concept, while also greatly improving its usefulness.