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Summer Update Second Beta Changelog


In Soviet Russia, Yoshiro is a cake
Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
  • All weapons that were previously Tier 4 have been reverted back to Tier 4 with some additional tuning done on a few weapons.
  • Adjustments to E.D.A.R.s to improve their experience
  • Improvements to the lag and hitches experienced during gameplay

  • 9MM Pistol and Dual 9MM Pistols
    • Upgrade to Tier 1 damage modifier reduced from 1.3x to 1.2x
    • Upgrade to Tier 2 damage modifier reduced from 1.6x to 1.4x
    • Upgrade to Tier 3 damage modifier reduced from 1.9x to 1.6x
    • Upgrade to Tier 4 damage modifier reduced from 2.2x to 1.8x
    • Upgrade to Tier 5 damage modifier reduced from 2.5x to 2.0x

Designer Note - The 9MM Pistol and Dual 9MM Pistols were powerful due to their upgrade damage modifiers. We adjusted them down as the weapon is not meant to be a main weapon to kill all Zeds, but rather, a backup weapon. The adjustments should allow it to still be applicable to most Zeds without it being a weapon that can dispatch large Zeds easily.

  • Microwave Gun
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
    • Base Weight is now 9
    • Stream damage is now 16
    • Alt-Fire blast damage is still 210
  • Huskcannon
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
    • Base charge damage is now 80. Full Charge damage is now 360
    • Max ammo reduced from 280 to 260
    • Upgrade to Tier 5 damage modifier reduced from 1.115x to 1.1x

  • Eviscerator
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
    • Saw blade projectile damage is now 300
    • Base Weight is now 9
    • Amount of gas ammo from ammo boxes is still 50
  • Bonecrusher
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
    • Bash damage is now 165
    • Heavy swing damage is now 175
    • Base Weight is now 8
    • Purchase cost is now 1600
  • Static Strikers
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
    • Heavy attack emp power reduced from 49 to 45
    • Heavy attack knockdown power reduced from 150 to 90
    • Purchase cost is now 1600

Designer Notes - The Eviscerator was a weapon that was highly effective against small and large Zeds. The adjustments made should help reduce that effectiveness against the larger Zeds while keeping the same consistent gameplay behavior for the smaller Zeds. We also made adjustments to the incapability of the Static Strikers. It should still be able to incap most Zeds while allowing larger Zeds to be more threatening. Before, it's high incapability shut down Scrakes and Fleshpounds with too much ease.

  • Railgun
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
    • Base Weight reduced from 10 to 9
    • Manual fire Damage reduced from 750 to 560
    • Homing fire damage reduced from 375 to 280
    • Total ammo increased from 21 to 33
    • Ammo cost reduced from 25 per mag to 20 per mag
    • Upgrade to Tier 5 damage modifier raised from 1.1x to 1.25x
  • M99 AMR
    • Set as a Tier 5 weapon
    • Removed ability to upgrade
    • Total ammo reduced from 31 to 21
    • Ammo cost raised from 25 per mag to 50 per mag
    • Purchase cost is now 2500

Designer Note - The Railgun and M99 are extremely powerful weapons, and both mechanically serve the same purpose. We adjusted them both so that the Railgun is a more weaker, safer alternative to use versus the high-risk, high-reward gunplay of the M99. We will do further adjustments depending on the community feedback from the Beta 2 patch.

  • AA12
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
  • Doomstick
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
    • Ammo cost raised from 25 per mag to 40 per mag
    • Max ammo reduced from 76 to 44
    • Upgrade to Tier 5 damage modifier reduced from 1.17x to 1.1x
    • Purchase cost is now 1500

Designer Note - The Doomstick was a powerhouse of damage with a high enough ammo pool to warrant it as an exceedingly effective gun. It should still be a high-damage weapon, but we adjusted the ammo and ammo price per magazine so that it is not a sustainable weapon to use for any situation. It's main purpose is to kill larger Zeds.

  • Perk Skill "FallBack"
    • 9MM and Knife damage reduced from 110% to 50%
  • SCAR-H Assault Rifle
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
  • Stoner 63A LMG
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4

  • Perk Skill "Close Combat Training"
    • 9MM and Knife damage reduced from 110% to 50%
  • Kriss SMG
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4

Field Medic
  • HMTech-401 Assault Rifle
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
  • Hemogoblin
    • Bullet damage reverted from 70 to 50. This will also reduce bleed DOT damage and the toxic DOT damage from the Perk skill, Acidic Rounds
    • Upgrade to Tier 4 damage modifier reduced from 1.6x to 1.4x

Designer Note - We are lowering the damage of the Hemogoblin because it's main functionality is not damage. Rather, the weapon is meant to be used to debilitate Zeds. We are currently looking into improving that experience. As for now, we adjusted the damage down, and it should reduce the likelihood of enraging Scrakes and Fleshpounds accidentally in the meantime.

  • AF2011-A1
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
  • Dual AF2011-A1
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
  • .500 Magnum Revolver
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
  • Dual .500 Magnum Revolver
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4

  • RPG-7
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
  • Seeker Six
    • Reverted stats back to Tier 4
  • C4
    • Removed ability to upgrade

  • All E.D.A.Rs
    • Base chest armor health reduced from 500 to 225
    • Base head armor health increased from 550 to 600
    • Base body health increased from 562 to 775
    • Base sprint speed increased from 550 to 600
    • Base sprint distance increased from 1500 to 5000
    • Base critical hit zone damage on core increased from 1.4x to 3.5x
    • Critical hit zone core located in the center area once chest armor is destroyed.
    • Base fire damage vulnerability increased from 0.75x to 1.5x
    • Base microwave damage vulnerability increased from 2.0x to 3.25x
  • E.D.A.R. Trapper
    • Max attack range of EMP Beam decreased from 4000UU to 550UU

Designer Note - E.D.A.R.s were difficult to kill because of their high armor health values. We lowered the chest armor health and increased the damage modifier of their core to promote destroying the chest armor and shooting the core. The further adjustments should make them easier to dispatch while keeping their gameplay challenge the same. And lastly, we reduced the range of the E.D.A.R.s Trapper's EMP Beam to help alleviate their frustration while we currently work on a fix for the bug where their beam goes through environment objects.

Upgrade System
  • Upgrade sell values for singles and dualies lowered from 75% to values between ~15% and ~40% of original upgrade prices. This does not affect the dual 9MM pistols.

Designer Note - This is a temporary solution to make it harder to exploit from a trick with upgraded singles and dualies that allowed users to earn more dosh than intended. We are working to implement a better fix for the release of the patch.

  • Zedlanding
    • Global spawn rate increased slightly

Weekly Outbreak
  • Cranium Cracker
    • E.D.A.R.s temporarily removed. This will cause Stalkers and Husks to also be temporarily removed because E.D.A.R.s share the same spawn pool as Stalkers and Husks.

Beta 2 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where EDAR's were inconsistent with other zeds in Headshots Only weekly objective.
  • Put measures in place to alleviate EDAR's stun beam going through geometry.

  • Fixed an issue where the M99 weapon parts may stop animating.
  • Drastically reduced the ability to use dual pistols to gain dosh. A more in-depth and permanent fix is to come.
  • Fixed an issue where the HMTech 201 SMG did not play a 3rd person half reload animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the Weapon Upgrade system could allow a player to go over the weight limit.
  • Fixed an issue where the Doomstick was spending two rounds on the Alt-Fire instead of its intended 4.

  • General hitching improvements (may not be completely solved in all places, this is still WIP).
  • Fixed an issue where a player may lose their first person hands after switching/loading weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where explosion decals may appear on Stand Your Ground area borders.
  • Fixed an issue where some Vault items had a different Vault icon on their picture.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dosh Vault crate opening audio could get caught in a loop.

  • Fixed an issue where some zeds were getting stuck on the vents in Lockdown.
  • Fixed an issue where Lockdown's ambient noise was not respecting player settings.
  • Fixed an issue where an unobtainable ammo box would spawn on Airship.
  • Fixed an issue where the Abomination could not fit through certain doors on Lockdown.
  • Fixed a handful of staircase and railing collision issues on Airship.

  • Fixed an issue where the Friendly HUD Scaling was not respecting the player's setting.
  • Fixed an issue where the Seasonal Objectives were visible and able to be completed while playing on Tragic Kingdom.

Beta 2 Platform Specific Fixes
Xbox One/PS4
  • Fixed an issue where the picture for the Centerfire | Headshot Weekly | Mint skin was missing.
  • Fixed an issue where a bright light would be displayed on the Xbox main menu if the client wasn't relaunched after a full install.
  • Fixed an issue where player game and cosmetic choices would be reset.

Aleksei Nikolaev

FNG / Fresh Meat
May 17, 2009
Feeling disparity between the 'Double-barreled Boomstick' and the 'Doomstick':

Weight: 5 vs 11
Cost: 750 vs 1500
Total ammo: 48 vs 44
Ammo cost: 2 shells for 13d vs 4 shells for 40d

I am not privy to the damage values as there is no comprehensive wiki page for both shotguns, though some minor testing has shown no distinctive difference.

With reference to the above stats, it alludes to the Doomstick being too heavily nerfed in the 2nd patch round, and being less viable within a load-out for weight / cost reasons over the double barrel (e.g. the ability to carry more weapons to increase utility etc).
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 20, 2009
I really like the changes of the second beta patch. E-DARs are now in a good place (at last in my opinion), nice to kill while still being a threat to the player. Its really good T4-Weapons are back.

The only thing i dont like is the change to the m99. As a sharpshooter you are not able to oneshot a 6p-hoe-fleshpound with all skills on the left side and max reu-stacks. Why would you buy a weapon like this when there are much better weapon choices (eg. fully upgraded crossbow can stun fleshpounds and kill them with 3 headshots total, talents: lrrr)? Not even to mention the weight cripples your loadout really hard.

Also, im not sad reload canceling is gone. As a gunslinger you can always switch to the next weapon. At last thats what im doing all the time already.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 4, 2015
Hello everyone! seeing as the steam comments for the patch are a mixture of bad english and just... plain rudeness, im going to see if i can pass on my two cents

I know 800+hrs in kf2 is nothing compared to most people here, but i cant say i like the new patch.
Something seems off with the sound (reloads are so god damn loud) tested it with the regular kf2 (not beta) something has altered.
Im glad the guns are back to where they were! and the new additions just adds to choice which is never a bad thing!
and the upgrade system... It should of allways been just to upgrade what you have allready, an addition, not something which took away initally in the first beta, so glad to see this revert back.

My biggest issiue and one which i hipe is adressed (and shared!) is the edars.
I know that kf2 is a none serious title, but the edars to me at least seem out of place as enemys.
every other type fits, you have tiers of enemys, which all have a unique feel, and look amazing. not saying the edars dont however.
they just dont seem to fit with the feel of kf2 (imo)
for teh most part the game is centeered around meele avoidance (other then zerks/survivalist metas) and being chased around the map with enemys which seem to matrix your shots and shrug off shots which would cripple other zeds
yeh they are robots, but you finish fighting organics like husks, fleshpounds, sirens etc, and then comes along robots with lasers, rockets and immoblising shots which can hit you through walls....

I mean to amke it a bit more unqiue, could add edars to map specific events (such as holding your ground) and then they would chase you off the point, but having them spawn amongst regular zeds ruins the feel of kf2 for me, again thats just how i feel on it
but for the most part this second beta test gets rid of the weapon gripes (other then the 9mm, RIP)
looking forward to seeing the future changes (and hopefully the matiriach :D)
Keep up the good work with the franchise!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 20, 2009
MisterM;n2320538 said:
The only thing i dont like is the change to the m99. As a sharpshooter you are not able to oneshot a 6p-hoe-fleshpound with all skills on the left side and max reu-stacks. Why would you buy a weapon like this when there are much better weapon choices (eg. fully upgraded crossbow can stun fleshpounds and kill them with 3 headshots total, talents: lrrr)? Not even to mention the weight cripples your loadout really hard.
Also, demo can truly 1-shot 6p-hoe-scrakes now with fully upgraded rpg, any range. This is kind of silly ...

Pavlov's Dog

FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 30, 2015
These Designer's Notes are a nice addition. Why is the eviscerator meant to be less effective against big zeds, though? I always used it primarily as a big zed/boss killer and only to kill trash if I couldn't get to my melee in time.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 7, 2018
I feel like the eviscerator is actually more of a big zed weapon than anything, though it's definitely a bit OP; maybe change the ammo reserve instead?
Doomstick has been nerfed six feet under, it's ridiculous at this point; How do you expect me to want a weapon that over doubles the boomstick's weight, burns through its ammo twice as fast, and costs over twice as much for the same deal of ammunition?
I suppose the C4 upgrade removal was ok, though I feel like it could have been simply lowered in damage/price. But with that in mind, why bother putting the pistols in the upgrade system??? Tiny ammo pool, miniscule damage, this secondary weapon is starting to look pathetic to the point where I wouldn't even consider using it! And by the way, you can't really get rid of pistols, so whatever weight increases they put in your inventory with upgrades cannot be removed (until death), so that's a bit inconvenient. Not sure if that bit was removed, but if it wasn't...
And speaking of lowering upgrade price, maybe consider that as well? When upgrades cost about as much as the actual weapons themselves, and investments start going into higher upgrades so that team sharing is barely a concept anymore, this is only really effective in Endless mode. Either adjust the prices to a reasonable state, remove double upgrades as a whole so that every weapon upgrade immediately ups it to the best possible edition, or even make this upgrade system exclusive to endless. It would be interesting if you could just separate the upgrade system from the default weapons shop into different tabs within the trader menu, since this is, ngl, a bit drastic.
EDARs still don't emit any sort of EMP blast upon destroying their core yet, so, hopefully you didn't forget?
Not sure how to feel about the Hemogoblin nerf, I feel like it WAS a bit too destructive, but prior to the buff, it was the most pathetic thing in the game.
I feel like the Railgun should be stronger than the AMR, but at the same time, the AMR is supposed to be the superior weapon... if you decrease the Railgun's ammo pool but keep its dmg slightly higher than M99, and lower M99 dmg, increase M99 reload speed substantially, and retain a relatively higher ammo pool, it would be more sensible imo. Not sure how much better this would be in practice. But, it's a Railgun...
I don't like the fact that the higher tier weapons are all priced so similarly (most particularly the Berserker weapons)… Dual shockers definitely don't do as well as an Eviscerator (even with the nerf) when it comes to taking down big zeds, and this applies to smaller zeds as well, so why are they priced the same? Don't know how to feel about the Bonecrusher status, either...

Other than that, uh... great update?
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 29, 2015
This is brutal and unnecessary. Reverting T4s, adjusting EDARs, fixing the Doomstick alt fire glitch, and maybe the 9MM nerf were the only changes warranted. Everything else will just make the game less fun, especially the reload cancelling and instant parry that you won't even acknowledge that you removed.


Active member
Mar 26, 2017
This upgrade system looks less and less appealing, because of all the weapon nerfs and the fact that your weapon now NEEDS to be upgraded to be actually useful or competitive. Maybe the upgrade system will be more interesting once upgrades besides damage get introduced, but a system with damage alone just seems redundant and a waste of time to implement.

Also please un-nerf the Boomstick, this weapon got seriously over nerfed in the first beta and now it is way to weak. At least revert the reload speed and pellet count to 0.88 and 12 respectively.

Lastly R.I.P SWAT/Commandos knife/9mm skills.

Sorry if the above seems a bit to negative, i do want the upgrade system to work, but its current implementation seems like a downgrade (irony) to the game overall.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 1, 2015
Vapid;n2320559 said:
I'm not spending 2500 on a gun. Just an FYI.
You even cant. Well, unless you are playing 10+ round mode at one of the lower difficulty. Otherwise you would need very generous donor to get that much dosh and honestly, to buy what? That weapon is not 40% better than T4 weapon so why the cost is?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 9, 2017
I second (or third, or fourth...) the complaint that the EDARs feel misplaced since we've been fighting fleshy zeds with some metal strapped to them at times to now full robots zipping around, stunning, shooting lasers and missiles at us. CptPublicEnemy had made a post in the Ideas and Suggestions board about the EDARs showing up and trying to eradicate both zeds and humans alike on the map which would make things so much more interesting! I'll include the link to the discussion board at the end.

As for the upgrade system, I'm glad things are being reworked and thankful you all are listening to the community on this. I honestly, wouldn't mind waiting for another few beta updates before it goes live to make sure it's perfected before implementation since this could be game making or breaking for KF2.

(EDAR Idea post: https://forums.tripwireinteractive....-and-suggestions-ae/2319572-edar-suggestion-s)


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 18, 2012
Mostly a good (and even , well-needed) update. Totally dig the new EDARs. And having the T4 back is a good thing for sure.

Forget about the M99 though. I already wasn't a fan of the gun, but now that it cost 2500 bucks? Forget it. I'll keep the railgun.

Also the Doomstick change is totally uncalled for. The gun already weights a ton. It's a T4. And it has so damn little ammo! It won't ever be able to compete against the AA12 with such stats. Here, it's just a T3... Or even a T2.5 , trading the low weight of the boomstick for two extra rounds and a slight buff in damage.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 4, 2013
Overall thoughts about the next update:

M99 - The cost increase for the gun, makes it viable only in boss fight or late in endless mode, Like it was in KF1, where the ammo cost was 5000 for full ammo, no one would ever use it on anything except boss wave. I would say that lowering the buying price, to atleast 1600 and increase the ammo back to 31 would make it more useful at more situations than a boss wave. TLDR, 2500 for a gun is way TOO MUCH.

Doomstick - a bit overnerfed in my PoV. The weight 11 makes it unable to carry with AA-12, which is the most needed gun for support, along with its low ammo which allows you to shoot only 11 times which is not much to be honest. Make this gun Tier 5, revert the nerf of ammo back to 76 and lower the weight from 11 to 8, to be as heavy as if you have 2 double barrels. Also lower AA-12's weight to 8.

Eviscerator - Another gun thats quite overnerfed. Since berserker has no Tier 5 weapon yet, Eviscerator was the best choice for Big Zeds. The damage in my opinion was in the right place as it was a bit powerful in Solo game, In 6P HoE its damage is not as powerful as in solo. Before nerf in 6p Hoe it takes about 3 shots in to the head to kill a Scrake, similar to saw crossbow from KF1 where it takes 2 shots to the head. Now it takes about 5-6 shots right into the head.

Now with all the berserker weapon nerfs, He now has hard times to take down Big Zeds (talking about lvl 25 with all damage skills). Its damage is ok in solo, but in 6P hoe its nowhere near good.
Bonecrusher is best choice for smaller zeds, but has almost no effect on Larger zeds except it could stun them sometimes. and the Eviscerator after nerfs is now only effective against smaller zeds. TLDR Leave Eviscerator as it is on live, to be a choice for killing Larger zeds, until you create Tier 5 weapon.

9MM and the damage skills - I think that removing the upgrade option for 9mm would solve this issue. Why even spending 700 dosh to upgrade 9mm in the first place, when its much better to buy a tier 1 perk weapon which is affected by perk skills.
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