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Summer Opt-In Beta Is Here With Build KF 1079 - Back And Kicking Brass !


In Soviet Russia, Yoshiro is a cake
Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
New Event
  • Back & Kickin' Brass
  • Come one, come all to the introduction of our latest game mode, Objective! Assist Dr. Ogada Buyu and Lockheart to complete thrilling tasks for loads of dosh while wearing the latest fashion trends in Steampunk attire! Use the Seal Squeal to fire harpoons and pin Zed corpses against walls so they hang like fleshbag pinatas! Or beat the sense...erm...heals into your allies with our Hemoclobber! These fantastic inventions and more await you on the killing floor! Tally-ho and off you go!
  • Beta 1 Start 5/20/2019, Beta 2 Start 5/28/2019 (Dates are subject to change)
New Additions and Highlights
  • 1 New Game Mode
    • Objective
      • Every wave has a mandatory objective, and these objectives must be accomplished to proceed to the next wave.
      • An objective map has a predetermined number of waves. There is no short, medium, or long game length for these.
      • It has story elements! There are unique user interface elements, characters, environment objects, special effects, cinematics, and voice overs to convey a narrative experience alongside the Zed carnage.
  • 1 New Map
    • Steam Fortress
      • Fend off hordes of Zeds inside Lockheart's very own metal fortress of steam!
      • Compatible with Survival, Weekly, Endless, and Objective Game Modes.
  • 3 Objective Maps
    • Steam Fortress
      • Mercenaries prepare a rocket to assist Lockheart in his magnificent journey to reach beyond the skies!
    • Zed Landing
      • Mercenaries work with Dr. Ogada Buyu to uncover the events of the Horzine plane crash and locate important information for her before Horzine gets their hands on it.
    • Outpost
      • Mercenaries assist Dr. Ogada Buyu in retrieving server data from the abandoned Horzine base before destroying all traces of it to eliminate the Zed threat.
  • New Objective types
    • Transport
      • Players are required to pick up an item and deliver it to a predetermined location on the map. The objective is complete once the required amount of items are delivered.
      • Players carrying the item will receive a movement speed reduction of 53% to walk and 60% to run speed. This movement speed reduction does not apply to solo players or the last player alive.
    • Exterminate
      • Players are required to kill Zeds until the Zed counter reaches 0. These waves can have special makeups to differ them from the Survival game mode wave variants.
      • Boss variant of Exterminate requires the players to kill the boss. This is the same as the boss wave from the Survival game mode.
  • 2 New Weapons

    • Seal Squeal for the Demolitionist.
      • An explosive semi-automatic harpoon launcher that fires harpoons timed for explosion after 4 seconds. Alt-fire manually triggers detonation of all set harpoons. If the harpoon impact kills the Zed, it will pin their corpse to any solid environment surface that the harpoon lands on.
      • Trader price is 1100 Dosh.

    • Hemoclobber for the Berserker and Field Medic.
      • A long, needle-laced bat that deals bludgeon and toxic damage to Zeds and heals players on impact. If a heavy attack has ammunition loaded into the magazine, impact against a player or Zed causes an explosion of blue gas that heals all players and damages all Zeds within its radius.
      • Trader price is 1200 Dosh.
  • Prestige System
    • Prestige rank 5 is now available
    • New rank 5 prestige weapon skins
      • Berserker - Eviscerator
      • Commando - SCAR-H Assault Rifle
      • Support - AA-12 Auto Shotgun
      • Field Medic - HMTech-401 Assault Rifle
      • Demolitionist - RPG-7
      • Firebug - Microwave Gun
      • Gunslinger - .500 Magnum Revolver
      • Sharpshooter - Rail Gun
      • SWAT - Kriss SMG
      • Survivalist - Killerwatt
  • Dosh Vault
    • Added additional tier 4 weapon skins
  • New Steam Achievements
    • Steam Fortress Objective game mode completion and its collectibles
    • Zed Landing Objective game mode completion
    • Outpost Objective game mode completion
  • Time-limited Summer Objectives, Tickets, and Cosmetics
    • Summer seasonal objectives to earn last year's Steampunk Outfit cosmetic and the new M99 AMR Steampunk Precious weapon skin
    • Summer event tickets (Not available during BETA)
    • Summer cosmetics (Not available during BETA)
  • Zedconomy
    • Added Dragon & Koi Tier 1 Skin Pack (Not available during BETA)
    • Added Dragon & Koi Tier 2 Skin Pack (Not available during BETA)
    • Added Clot Backpack Bundle (Not available during BETA)
    • Added Horzine Supply Crate | Project H Series #1 (Not available during BETA)
    • Added Steampunk Encrypted USB (Not available during BETA)
    • Added Bronze, Silver, and Gold Bundle Packs for :
      • Horzine Supply Crate | Project H Series #1 (Not available during BETA)
      • Steampunk USB Bundle Pack (Not available during BETA)
      • DAR Crate Bundle Pack (Not available during BETA)

Beta 1 for this update contains a lot of exciting new features! As such, feedback is going to be incredibly important. Stay tuned for a link to a survey where you, the community, will be able to provide your feedback directly to us! Thank you!

  • User Interface Improvements :
    • Added an objective tracker for any wave with an active objective that is optional or mandatory. This tracker relays information and conditions about the objective.
    • Updated player health bars to improve visibility and distinction. We also added an option in the Gameplay options to revert back to the old version.
    • Updated coloration of some objective elements to purple to improve their distinction.
    • Replaced objective iconography with exclamations to denote points of interest.
    • Added a drop shadow to player names and icons to improve legibility
  • Added new in-game musical compositions by Sigurd Jøhnk-Jensen :
    • "Menace"
    • "Infectious"
  • Added new main menu music titled "Copper Cutter" by Rocky Gray.

Addressed Community Feedback
As mentioned in the 2018 Killing Floor 2 "State of the Game" our goal is to bring to the community a continued stream of QOL changes for each update throughout the year. Please continue to report any QOL changes you believe should be added to the game by submitting your feedback in the "general" section on our official forums at: https://forums.tripwireinteractive.c...illing-floor-2

  • Weapons
    • C4
      • Trader price reduced from 650 to 300.
      • Ammo price per magazine increased from 27 to 50.
      • Starting spare magazines upon purchase reduced from 1 to 0.
      • Changed HUD Inventory listing from Primary to Secondary.
    • Freezethrower
      • Alt-fire ice blast spread increased by 300%.
      • Number of ice shards fired increased from 7 to 12.
      • Added penetration value of 4 to the Alt-fire ice blast. This means that it can pierce up to 4 undeveloped clots.
      • Removed freeze affliction from Alt-fire ice shards.
      • Added stumble capability to Alt-fire ice shards.
      • Added freeze capability to ground ice.
      • Ground ice damage increased from 5 to 7 per tick.
    • Husk Cannon
      • Added 40 ballistic damage on impact. The damage increases with each charge of the Husk Cannon to a max of 140 damage.
      • Explosion damage reduced from 100 to 60.
      • Magazine size increased from 20 to 30.
      • Fire rate increased by 79.3%.
      • Explosive radius expansion rate increased from 30% to 60% per charge, effectively increasing the final charge blast explosive radius from 150% to 300% of the base.
      • Removed ammo consumption while maintaining full charge.
      • Spare ammo capacity reduced from 240 to 150.
      • Starting spare magazines upon purchase reduced from 4 to 1.
      • Ammo price per magazine increased from 90 to 125.

Designer Note:

C4 has a niche role when it comes to weapon loadouts, and community feedback mainly leaned towards the weapon feeling too situational for its price. It's a unique weapon in the sense that it provides a massive damage output with very little sustainability. As such, it's not a solid primary weapon. It's a secondary weapon that works best with other weapons. So, we looked back over it and made adjustments to its pricing to allow an earlier and more flexible use of it alongside other weapons.

The Freezethrower has received multiple adjustments in response to community feedback from the general community survey. We looked into improving the Alt-fire so that it felt more like a shotgun ice blast to combo with the stream freezing capabilities. We removed the freeze affliction from the ice blast since the stream tended to handle applying the affliction better, and instead, we added penetration and stumble to the ice shards. Lastly, we slightly increased the damage and added freeze capability to the ground ice to give players an alternative means of freezing enemies by lacing the floor with ice.

The Husk Cannon has also received various adjustments to improve its overall performance as a tier 4 Firebug and Demolitionist weapon. Community feedback has overall agreed that it has a lackluster performance, so our design focus for this weapon is to provide a versatile and powerful weapon that does not have high sustainability. We want the weapon to feel fun to use, versatile against various situations, and impactful, but it can run out of ammunition quickly.
  • Perks
    • Berserker
      • Updated Auto-Trade feature so that the Katana is selected in place of the VLAD-1000 Nailgun.
    • Commando
      • Level 10 Fallback
        • Damage increased from 50% to 85%.
        • Updated text description to reflect the change.
      • Level 20 Hollow Point Rounds
        • Damage reduced from 30% to 20%.
        • Updated text description to reflect the change.
    • SWAT
      • Level 10 Close Combat Training
        • Damage increased from 50% to 85%.
        • Updated text description to reflect the change.
      • Level 20 Cripple
        • Changed shot effectiveness from Zed legs to Zed heads and weak spots.
        • Movement speed reduction application rate increased by 66%. This means that the slow affliction should apply 66% faster.
        • Updated text description to reflect the change.
      • Level 25 ZED TIME - Battering Ram
        • Added 450 bludgeon damage alongside knockdown and stumble.
        • Added 25% increased movement speed during Zed time.
    • Survivalist
      • Level 20 Make Things Go Boom
        • Added 40% explosive resistance.
          • Updated text description to reflect the change.
        • Updated Auto-Trade feature so that the Freezethrower is selected in place of the M16 M203 Assault Rifle.

Designer Note:

We increased the damage of the Fallback and Close Combat Training Perk skills just enough to allow the 9MM to pop heads off a Gorefast in one shot. We think that this will feel much better and improve its viability for later waves.

As for the Hollow Point Rounds adjustment, community feedback listed it as feeling too good of a skill to the point where it overshadowed the Eat Lead Perk skill on multiple occasions. So, we calculated out the damage and reduced the modifier for it to a point where it should still feel strong but not excessively strong. We'll be keeping an eye out on the changes and respond accordingly to community concerns and feedback.

The Cripple Perk skill for the SWAT received tunes to help it feel more impactful in gameplay. Previously, it required multiple bullets to trigger the speed reduction on certain Zeds, and it required targeting the legs to apply it faster. So, we increased the base application rate to apply the slow faster, and we changed the zone from the legs to the head and weak spots on a Zed to further reward targeting these areas.

ZED TIME - Battering Ram can now inflict damage. The reason behind this change is that there can only be a certain number of knockdowns before they stop applying. Then, a SWAT player would run into a target and be unable to knock them down and move them out of the way. This was very frustrating and caused the Perk skill to feel risky and irritating to use. So, we added damage and speed to allow the player to kill off weak Zeds effectively while still maintaining the knockdown capabilities for the larger Zeds. We think this will considerably increase the viability of the skill, and we hope that it's quite fun to use. We'll be keeping an eye out on feedback to see if any further changes must be made.

Lastly, we added explosive resistance to the Survivalist Make Things Go Boom Perk skill to help offset a lot of the self damage received from triggering explosives close. The Demolitionist has a passive resistance to explosives to help mitigate that damage, so we brought that over to the Survivalist to help this skill function better.

As always, we'd like to hear the community's feedback on these changes. You can do so by visiting and posting in the "general" section on the official Tripwire Interactive forums at: https://forums.tripwireinteractive.c...illing-floor-2

Bug Fixes

Also mentioned in the 2018 Killing Floor 2 "State of the Game" our goal is to bring to the community a continued stream of community reported bug fixes for each update throughout the year. Please continue to report any bugs you discover by visiting our official forums at: https://forums.tripwireinteractive.c...illing-floor-2 and posting in the "PC" or "Console" sections.

Top Community Issues:
  • Fixed an issue where the Elite Crawler poison cloud damage radius did not match up with the FX.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cyberpunk Outfit 1st person arms for Ana Larive and Mrs. Foster were always teal.
  • Fixed an issue where players randomly received an infinite amount of crates.
  • Fixed an issue where HMTech-501's grenade HUD displayed the spare ammo count instead of the total ammo count.

  • Fixed an issue where the Freezethrower was not applying afflictions with its ground ice. It should now be capable of freezing enemies who walk over it.
  • Fixed an issue where Auto-Trade did not include Tier 5 weapons for multiple Perks.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple items were missing from the Cyberpunk ticket pool.
  • Fixed an issue where Headshot FXs did not play in the Bobble Zed Weekly game mode.

  • Fixed an issue where the chainsaw animations of the Christmas Scrake persisted after death.

  • Zed Landing
    • Fixed an issue where players could snag on debris nearby the beach trader pod.
  • Santa's Workshop
    • Fixed an issue where the Christmas cart displayed incorrect FX during certain repair stages.
    • Fixed an issue where the screen displayed a death message whenever the objective completed while the Christmas cart was poisoned.
  • Spillway
    • Cleaned up multiple instances of Zeds spawning in certain doorways.

  • Killerwatt
    • Fixed an issue where the overcharge mode beam did not grant XP upon Zed death.
    • Fixed an issue where quick charge shots continued to consume ammunition during the duration of the fired stream.

  • Fixed an issue where the Ronin cosmetic would override itself.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cyber Punk Helmet was named "Cyberpunk Outfit" in the player's inventory.

User Interface:
  • Fixed an issue where the Berserker Butcher Perk skill description text listed the incorrect damage modifier value of 25% instead of 20%.
  • Fixed an issue where the Berserker ZED TIME - Berserker Rage Perk skill description text did not list that the heal applies every time Zed time activates or refreshes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Demolitionist Shock Trooper Perk skill description text listed a specific value for the reload speed increase. The reload speed increase varied with some Demolitionist weapons, and some Demolitionist weapons have elite versions of their standard reloads.
  • Fixed an issue where the Demolitionist Shock Trooper Perk skill description text listed stumble and knockdown instead of just knockdown.
  • Fixed an issue where the Demolitionist Shock Trooper Perk skill description text listed the incorrect Knockdown modifier value of 25% instead of 10%.
  • Fixed an issue where the Demolitionist High Impact Rounds Perk skill description text listed the incorrect damage modifier value of 20% instead of 25%.
  • Fixed an issue where the Demolitionist Extra Rounds Perk skill description text did not list that it did not apply to C4.
  • Fixed an issue where the Commando Passive skill text for Zed time renewal referred to it as Zed time extension.
  • Fixed an issue where the Firebug Ground Fire Perk skill description text listed the incorrect movement speed value of 20% instead of 30% and did not specify what the damage increase was and that the Perk skill did not affect the molotov.
  • Fixed an issue where the Firebug XP OBJECTIVES only listed the Crawler instead of the Bloat and Crawler.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sharpshooter Always Prepared Perk skill description text listed that it grants 25% more grenades instead of one extra grenade.
  • Fixed multiple instances where the HUD inventory grouping priority for the below weapons were set to the incorrect value. This will change the weapon arrangement on the player HUD inventory and what is considered a higher priority weapon.
    • Killerwatt
    • HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle
    • Helios Rifle
    • Battleaxe
    • M32 Grenade Launcher
    • M99 AMR
    • Zweihander
    • Road Redeemer
    • Katana
    • Fire Axe
  • Fixed an issue where the Rare Synthwave HMTech Healer skin had a Mastercrafted border.
  • Fixed an issue where the zed tracker would randomly add or subtract zeds.
  • Fixed an issue where the Killerwatt was listed as a flame weapon in the trader menu when sorting by types.
  • Fixed an issue where the HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle was listed as a handgun in the trader menu when sorting by types.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tommy Gun was filtered as an assault weapon in the Inventory Tab.
  • Fixed an issue where Dual Perk weapon skins were not showing up under the Survivalist Perk filter in the Inventory Tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the Christmas cart health bar was clipped off when snapped to the side of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple USBs and Crates had text cutoff in their item descriptions.

As always, thank you for your continued support!
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 20, 2015
Why nerf the hollow point?
Nerfing its damage just to give "chance" to eat lead will result in no changes other than making dealing with sc as a mando just a more painful in the butt.

Better buff the Eat lead skill with a rack em up V1, where each hs counts to the stack and every miss decreases stack by 1.
That way you either have a static dmg bonus with reduced recoil, or you have more ammo and potential 50-60% dmg increase if you can control your recoil.

Or add a sustained fire recoil reduction.
So the longer you hold the fire, the lower your recoil gets and it gets much lower than the hp rounds 25%... Say 50%ax recoil reduction for holding down the fire button.
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Active member
Jul 9, 2015
My suggestion has always been to keep hollow point damage as-is, but move the recoil reduction onto eat lead. While I appreciate the nerf as a step in the right direction, we do certainly need something added to eat lead to make it worthwhile. Right now it's not really worth taking in most situations, and the nerf to hollow point won't change that.

Looking forward to testing the other changes!
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Deadliest Luigi

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 4, 2013
I say buff eat lead and give it the ability to pierce through 1-2 zeds so it has more crowd control potential. It would be crowd control vs firepower. And maybe change "Eat lead" to FMJ.
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Active member
Oct 24, 2009
I agree most with imnrk and Deadliest Luigi: keep hollow point damage at 30%, but move the recoil reduction over to Eat Lead and also give Eat Lead some penetration. That way it's more high-powered CC as opposed to Hollow Point which is more Big Zed Takedown Support. I feel like a 30% damage increase is enough to stand on its own (like Support's Salvo skill).

Deadliest Luigi

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 4, 2013
LolzMan1325;n2331889 said:
I agree most with imnrk and Deadliest Luigi: keep hollow point damage at 30%, but move the recoil reduction over to Eat Lead and also give Eat Lead some penetration. That way it's more high-powered CC as opposed to Hollow Point which is more Big Zed Takedown Support. I feel like a 30% damage increase is enough to stand on its own (like Support's Salvo skill).
I feel like Hollow point should keep the Recoil Reduction trait since it's more of a "Damage focused" perk (focusing on single zeds while having the accuracy to do so) while Eat Lead is more of a spray n pray type perk like "Here's a bunch of bullets, go crazy" . That's just me though, I'm sure others feel differently
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Active member
Aug 31, 2017
downloaded the beta, launched game. "error message, corrupted files"

re-downloaded beta again, error message again. "error content corrupted"

any help?

E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamspps\common/killingfloor2/KFGame\Localization\INT\itemDefinitions.int

so assuming int file needs to be deleted.
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Active member
Oct 24, 2009
Yoshiro;n2331879 said:
  • Added a drop shadow to player names and icons to improve legibility
this should definitely also be done to the text chat, if possible within either beta's time period
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Sep 7, 2012
Dominican Republic
I've enjoyed the new update quite a bit, specially the changes in the UI for objectives, it was quite a pleasant change.

I would like to report 2 bugs I've encountered:

1- In steam fortress endless play, 6p suicidal diff, my team had King FP spawn as wave 10 boss and... just as the intro scene ended, we had good ol' Mr. KFP hitting us under one sec later because it spawned RIGHT NEXT TO US.

2- The second bug I'd like to report is Zed Landing objective mode, when I was in wave 8/8 fighting King FP, after a while he decided to ignore me and attack the poor ol' drone, something must have pissed him off about it, maybe it was the way it floated? Who knows?? I just know it was pretty darn easy to take him down after that because he was swinging around his arms all over the drone. This happened in hard solo.

After that couple of inconveniences, the rest of the update was enjoyable, I always saw a hemoclobber being used, as I see it, it's a very welcome addition, specially for a survivalist medic-tankzerker type.


Active member
Jul 9, 2015
After having played the beta literally all day since it went live, I would like to share my first impressions. If we get a survey like the ones we've been getting I'll probably post similar thoughts there.

For starters, objective mode is tedious at best in singleplayer, particularly with the welding objectives. With how fast the zeds move in Hell on Earth it makes kiting the repair zones take so long, and trying to weld the whole thing in one go simply won't cut it (except maybe with support). The courier objectives are the opposite -it's super quick and easy to dash through the level at full speed, bashing anything which gets close. Most of the other objective types fall somewhere between thse two.

In multiplayer objective mode seems much more consistent and balanced. I've had more fun with this than I have with multiplaye in a long time. (I mainly play singleplayer)

Dr. Ogada Buyu seems a little cheap, as far as character designs go. A lot of her lines seem really forced in ("don't fail to protect the drone like I did with my daughter") and her accent and inflection are quite inconsistent. Lockhart, on the other hand, is an absolute lad as always. It's harder to gage his level of quality since he's a much more erratic, and much more silly character.

Steam Fortress in its non-objective states is a really solid map. The last few maps have all been a lot more open and easy to kite, which I appreciate immensely. No real complaints here.

Now for the new weapons. Seal squeal is perfectly balanced imo - very devastating in the right hands, but with very noticable drawbacks to limit its effectiveness in every situation. My only complaint is one of the "weapon check" animations (ripped from the p90 or stoner, or other similar weapon) looks very out of place on the weapon. I don't expect this to change though as it's been a common trend for some time now.

Hemoclobber is fun to use. It seems pretty well-balanced as a medic weapon, but gets hideously OP on berserker. Its utility surpasses the pulverizer, and it's dps feels similar to the zweihander. I would suggest nerfing the attack speed somewhat to keep it balanced without affecting it too much on medic. Also, with the spike at the end of the weapon I have no idea why it uses the "push" weapon bash instead of the "stab". (especially considering the road redeemer can stab) This deosn't ruin the weapon or anything, but feels like a wasted opportunity.

I'm really enjoying all the changes to the husk cannon, freezethrower, and c4 - they all feel better and more competitive than before. I would still like it if c4 went down to 2 weight, but that's just me. I personally liked the battering ram and fallback skills before, but I can't complain about the buffs! They still feel fun to use without being OP. None of the other balance changes feel significant enough to mention.

I didn't think this was worth making a full bug report about, but I've noticed in singleplayer objective mode, when switching weapons back and forth in quick succession on a controller on pc, the player gets stuck in some kind of weapon switch loop and can't do any action - sprint, shoot, bash, etc. The only way to fix this is by finding a door or objective to prompt the "hold B to equip welder" interface.

Great patch overall, as always. It does feel a bit imbalanced in a lot of places, but that's what the playtesters are for!
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 7, 2018
Haven't seen too much of the update yet so just leaving this note here before I forget;
Started off with the Zed Landing Objective Mode and immediately found myself confused when I was trying to weld the trader pod right in front of me; The obvious purple trader path quickly brought it to my attention that there was a fixed sequence to which trader pods were fixed when, and personally I think it's kinda weird that you'd have to fix them in sequence, and also somewhat impractical given that the entire team would have to focus on that pod in a multiplayer match when they could be splitting their focus between multiple separate pods at once, given that each one would have slightly more potential welding points to compensate. Call me nitpicky, just thought I'd point it out.


Grizzled Veteran
Jul 7, 2009
Playing steam fortress on the poundemonium weekly is bugged, you can't access the second-to-last trader. It's the far-off one in the boss room, and the elevator doesn't open to get there.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 25, 2007
Yoshiro;n2331879 said:
An explosive semi-automatic harpoon launcher that fires harpoons timed for explosion after 4 seconds.
I don't know why you guys keep calling this "semi-automatic" when it is very obviously manually operated.

Gameplay wise, I find the harpoon launcher to be very underwhelming. I think it should knock non-large zeds down even if the initial hit doesn't kill them. In its current state it feels like one of those nerf darts with a suction cup when it simply sticks to zeds without having them fly back. If they're massive enough to pin zeds to walls when they die, they certainly should be able to knock them off their feet upon impact regardless of whether or not they get killed.

Also, it's pretty annoying how you can't detonate the harpoons anytime you want. You should be able to detonate them while you're reloading, for instance. It feels very clunky having to wait for some unrelated animation to finish.

It's also too heavy for what it does, in my opinion.

As for the battering ram improvement for SWAT, it's definitely far more useful now. However, I think during zed time, you should either be able to cancel the reload animation by sprinting or be able to sprint while reloading. Being stuck in the reload animation and not being able to sprint during zed time feels like the ability is wasted.

In addition, battering ram should have something of a grace period after zed time finishes, because you still run into situations where zed time runs out right before you run into a zed, leaving you in a very dangerous situation.

Lastly, this isn't directly related to the content in this patch, but the m203 really needs an indicator for whether or not it's loaded. It's annoying having to hit alt-fire to discover whether or not the thing is loaded and either waste a round or have to reload in a bad situation. The simplest solution would be having a round counter for the launcher like other weapons, for instance "1 / 13" for 1 in the launcher and 13 extra rounds.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 14, 2019
Looks great so far, excited to give it a go :)

But quick lil question regarding the Bug fixes, will DAR's audio quotes be getting a fix?


Oct 24, 2012
I played this update for like two hours and I have to say that I love it! The Fortress map is sooo beautiful! That is my new favourite map. And the objective mode feels very well and it's so much fun! I didn't play much with the Seal Squeal but it played out to be an actual cool weapon.


Active member
May 31, 2017
Cambridge, England
I was quite surprised how the Zed Landing and Outpost objectives map turned out. Honestly, I was expecting something a little half-baked that would seem clunky and disjointed it but it turns out I was totally wrong and everything feels natural and really well-integrated.


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 18, 2012
Alright so here are my two cents about the update so far :

-The Seal Squeel is back in form! Always thought that gun to be madly underrated in the first game and I hope it won't be this time. The ability to detonate your darts AT WILL greatly improve the effectiveness of the weapon, which feels neither too good or weak. It's probably not as versatile as other weapons in the Demo's arsenal, but it surely does the job.

-The Hemoclobber, strangely enough, feels way more like a zerk weapon than a medic's. It's probably due to the fact that the former has numerous damage bonuses and clot protection but I seriously believe it should be used with that perk first and foremost. With the addition of the gas cloud, it may actually be one of his best weapon...And something more defensive than the powerhouse that is the pulverizer.

-The new map is very meh. I really thought it would be some sort of botanical garden or an old-timey zoo. Only the brass rocket really stands out in my opinion, as neither the layout or atmosphere of the map really impressed me. Plus, as many pointed out already, you don't get access to any trader pod before the boss... Either it's a cheap trick done voluntarily, or it's an annoying bug.

-The new Husk Cannon is interesting. I don't know if I like it better or not, but it really feels like another gun. Which is...kind of a good thing? It does fire (and charge) faster, packs a stronger punch... Overall, it seems far more effective than it was. Maybe a bit too much so.

-The C4 seems better than before simply because it takes a similar role to the pipebomb from the first game (which, ironically enough, became WORSE as time went by). I'd say it's a nice step forward, but sadly, only the demo seem to be truly effective with the C4. The rest of the perks either have too weak and/or not enough C4 in hand to make a difference. Maybe it would be neat to increase the amount of C4 you can get in your hand? Even if it means spending an extra 300D for it. That would allow weaker perks to deal with FPs, at a price.

-Freezethrower : I'm probably one of the few who truly enjoyed the Freezethrower as a fun way to smash through crowds...but just like the husk cannon, I can't complain about those changes. They are interesting to say the least, and maybe a bit too efficient yet again. The shards are ludicrously powerful, almost insultingly so. If you add that to the zed-splosion skill of the Survivalist, you really got yourself quite the killing machine. But I like it, it does help the perk stand out more...And it finally feel like it's own thing (mostly due to having two very unique and powerful guns). I wouldn't complain if the Survivalist became sort of the "experimental" perk.

-Commando : I really don't get the nerf to "Hollow Point"... Don't you get the memo that it's always better to improve rather than nerf? That won't make me change my skill choice, that's for sure.

-SWAT : POUNDING THE WORLD LIKE A BATTERING RAM ! ... Also the new fallback is pretty neat, but I doubt it will change its usage... It was a potent skill to have in the first few waves, before you got better guns. I think it will still be the same sadly. As for Cripple... I don't know man. It felt plausible to slow down zeds by shooting their legs. Now, it's yet again a matter of finding the weak spot.

-UI : both changes are welcomed. Just, the pinkish-purple colour for the objectives is a bit too...flashy? It almost look like a missing texture ~~~~

-Nothing to say about Objective mode as I didn't play it and don't plan to. Sorry guys, I'm sure you worked a lot on it (and it surely is the focus on this update), but I never cared about it in the first place.

-The "event" objectives are *** though. I know that coming up with new things to do isn't easy after four years worth of updates, but completed three objective maps? Come on... Why not taking advantage on the stuff you're adding? Like for instance : kill more than four zeds with a dart from the Seal Squeel, ten times.
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