[Suggestion] 2 New Game Types

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Sep 9, 2011
EDIT: Damn, didn't see this thread here:


Reading posts about balance, etc, I'd like to suggest 2 new game modes in addition to the current "Normal" and "Realism". I don't mean for the differences to be exhaustive, and am mainly posting this for discussion.


In Historical mode, only weapons available at the time with approximately correct ratios are available. Reinforcement numbers are altered to approximately represent the numbers in the conflicts. The differences between the Panzer and the T34 would be noticeable.

This game mode would satisfy those who want to play Russian and "overcome the odds" so to speak. Historically, Pavlov's House involved very very few people compared to the Germans, but perhaps the reinforcements could be adjusted and the objectives be adjusted.

Historical Realism

Same as above, but combined with the "Realism" game mode (no kill cam, no kill reports, etceteras).
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