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[Error] Stuck in spectator mode


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Sep 17, 2011
This is probably the most weirdest bug/glitch I've seen in games so far. When joining a server, I can select team and role etc. but when it's spawn time, I stay in this free-roaming spectator camera mode except I can only view the map, I do not see other players, but I can hear their gunshots and chatter.

It seems my character has spawned, because if I select a different role and commit suicide, there's "-2 team points" on the top right corner and if I'm close to where I spawned I can hear the death sounds. :confused:

I've uploaded a youtube video to clear this out:
Red orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad bug - YouTube
I just experienced this exact same problem. This is the second time this has happened. The last time was after the last patch. My game just patched again before I loaded tonight. Last time the only way I could fix it was to delete content in steam and download game again. Please don't tell me I have to do this again!?
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