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Story mode


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 4, 2016

I love RO2:RS, but sometimes the multiplayer can be quite draining, I feel like only tryhard play this game and not everybody can spend their time playing videogames just to be decent, gotta work haha

A story mode would be hugely appreciated by me and a lot of potential buyers, I know for a fact that a lot of my friends would play this game if it had a singleplayer mode, ala CoD or BF. Both of these franchise have greater playerbase and have a story mode.

You could also put rewards in it to give a reason for the multiplayer guys to play it, like exclusive guns or gadgets. Everybody would get more content, win-win!
Sep 28, 2014
It already exists, but it's basically just a series of multiplayer maps with bots and some cutscenes.

Making a full-on campaign with a story and unique characters like COD WaW takes an incredible amount of time and money and will never happen, especially since RO2 has pretty much been discontinued in favor of RS2. And no, RS2 won't have it either.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 8, 2014
Jup. Time and Money are a huge deal. TWI/AMG would really like to but they can't.

But when the time has come I hope they won't do a similar route like BF or CoD. A more immersive experience where you get to know other soldiers between the fights , which you'll loose on the battlefield would be really great. All you see is action nowdays but whats more terrifying than preparing a defence line for hours with the knowing that the enemy will come soon? A following rank up to a higher rank would be great too, where you have to make tacticts from now on which you've learned from your fallen captain and levels get harder with that. Guiding your own squad and positioning them for a attack or defence.

Well... That would be great.

Beskar Mando

Grizzled Veteran
Dec 13, 2014
Baltimore, Maryland
Wouldn't be surprised if an immersive SP would garner them a lot of money, but it costs a lot too, you'd need essentially an entire new dev team just for this, a completely different AI system, game info, and the corresponding levels. You'd need mainly FX and Cinematic artists as well as a healthy amount of technical and environmental artists. Which basically means hiring 10~ plus new people on full salary working full time, and I believe Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has only 15-20 people working, which essentially means increasing the total cost expenditure by 30-40%.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
May 24, 2014
I've talked this over with clan members, online regulars on our servers and friends. The video game world misses an Axis singleplayer campaign. No gritty things spared. Hardcore, gutts clenching, sweaty hands, tears. Everything. No shiny Call of Duty "Yeah we are killing them all!" "War is so much fun" or "Heroic Americans saving the world" bullshit. Ordinary men dragged along as their country decides to go to war from one day to the other.
I particularly remember well the first Brothers in Arms. Same goes for the cutscenes in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts in the Kampfgruppe Lehr campaign. Dense atmosphere, gritty, grim, dark. Yet there should also be times of joy. Sitting in a bunker with a christmas tree, front vacation in France ... which is disturbed by an attack from the French resistance.
All this would be a blast. However it needs severe work. Facial animations, which show various emotions. No stone hewn faces. Lip synched talking. First person full body, so we truly know we are a human being and no gun with two hands hovering ethereally on the battlefield. But we all know Tripwire does not have the menpower nor the financial background to pull this off. Publishers like EA, Activision-Blizzard or Ubisoft could do it, but they likely never will. Too much work, and probably too strongly against their beliefs to protray war as hell and especially a German soldier of WWII as a human being.
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