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Stories from Hell


FNG / Fresh Meat
I just want this to be a simple thread not for debate, but for stories from epic HoE (or suicidal) games. Whether won or lost, epic or fail, any good stories you got, feel free to post. Did you just win a heartpumping HoE match? Have the most hilarious fail? Feel free to post:D

For example, just now I had a truly epic game of westlondon, prefect communication, still some losses, and epic moments all around (especially Candlejack's distracting of those FPs :D). Truly an adreneline rush, utterly amazing. After a pretty intense wave 10, wave 11 consisted of a breif scene, where Kevin got jumped in a church filled with 5 crazed gunmen, and 1 Candlejack Meet the sniper reference

It can be that simple, or something more detailed, be focused on whatever element you want, go crazy. With HoE, it's always exciting:D except for exloits, but those dont count
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 22, 2009
knee deep in pussy.
You would make this right after I posted my epic story in another thread. :p

Anyway, here it is:

I just had the most glorious HoE pub game ever. It was on Manor, I think wave 5 when I joined. Everyone gave me money when I spawned. We were all level 6. The team was composed of a Zerker in the entrance of the cave being a damage sponge and Scrake-killer, me (Commando) and a Support killing the crap around him, Medic healing the Zerker nonstop, Demo behind us laying pipes and administering nades if needed, and a SS in the back of the cave...doing his SS thing.

You'd think we had played together for years. Everyone communicated and knew what to do in pretty much every situation. Our Zerker and another guy died at the end of wave 10 with about 30-40 left. I had one AK mag and 9 SCAR rounds. Everyone else was down to their 9mm. We're so lucky that the remaining Zeds were just trash or else we'd have wiped. Such an adrenaline rush.

Also on wave 11, Pat killed three of us I think, ran off to heal, came back and was about to minigun us to all to hell but kneeled when everyone started filling him with lead. Most people who've played with me know that I can get into completely over-the-top dramatic horror movie mode, and subsequently I was yelling "HE'S ALMOST DEAD KEEP SHOOTING HE'S ALMOST DEEAAADDDD."

Your squad has survived. :cool:


Active member
May 20, 2009

Older game, on suicidal, when there were no Hell on Earth. I was as always playing SS x-bow (I keep distance from teammates). We made with team for Pat, however 2 guys got owned with his missile on start. I got berserker, medic, support and me (SS) left. On last heal, Patriarch killed berserker.

After we kept damaging him, pat run out of heals and finally killed Supporter that ran out of AA12 ammo. Medic finally died from fall from 2nd floor pushed out by pat. I had no choice but to jump from 2nd floor and that left me 20 health. I got in corner on office start. I was pretty sure I am not gonna make it. I got 10 bolts left. When I saw PAT jumping from 2nd floor and going stealth close attack on me, I took my time to aim for head and shot with crossbow as he got at pointblank range.

... I was amazed when everything slowed down and PAT fall before my feet.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 31, 2010
I had the most fun and entertaining game recently. I laughed myself stupid at least 3 times over the course of this HoE game, and decided to post it on the forums. It involved me being swarmed and killed by around 6 fleshpounds at once, groups of zeds having battle royals with each other mid game, and my friend heroing it for everyone and eventually getting us all the HoE map acheiv.

After what seemed like a 2 page writeup, the post was deleted for (what I can only guess was) the inclusion of a map bug. No copy was PMd to me, and no explanation given.

Thanks for destroying 40 minutes of my time, Mods.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 18, 2010
Not a HOE story, but on suicidal mountainpass my friend (AKA Koga) soloed over 200 zeds when everyone died on wave 8 due to an epic fluke, an idiot, a late joiner and an AFK guy. He was a medic with no armor, and managed to circle the map for what must've been half an hour picking up and dropping weapons over and over again and then eventually, he ended the wave.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 19, 2009
It involved me being swarmed and killed by around 6 fleshpounds at once, groups of zeds having battle royals with each other mid game, and my friend heroing it for everyone and eventually getting us all the HoE map acheiv.
And an exploit...
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 23, 2008
I've got 3 stories :)

Last week me and some friends were playing on Biotics lab. We had a medic, a demo, a support, and 3 sharps, i was one of them. We're at the spawn point of course. So we're doing okay getting into the occasional trouble, but cruising nonetheless. Wave 10 hits, and it was turned up a notch. The was constant hordes, and we never really had time regroup. With about 60 left, there came: 2 scrakes from the door on the left, a fleshpound from the double doors, and 2 sirens from the right down the hall. Myself and my friend, urk, both began the take one scrake, and as they are both stalled, the third sharp decides to shoot the fleshpound, even when we said to wait till the scrakes were fried. So now we have 2 scrakes and a fleshpound raging in our faces, explosions going off everywhere, with sirens on their way in. All i remember was attempting to no scope into the smoke where their heads would be, as we are trying to fall back to the welded door on the left. Somehow our demo managed to sneak to the left a little before us and laid a pipe down, that obliterated all three of the threats...then the sirens came in. They killed 4 of us, leaving just the medic and the demo to kill 50 of em. Somehow they manged to make it out alive. Patriarch came along, and ended up killing 4 of us, before i got the finishing blow with no scope headshot. Was an epic win.

So now a few days ago, pretty much the same group of guys, now with 2 different guys, are attempting Offices. Pretty much the same loadout in terms of classes, except there was no demo, it was replaced with a support. So we're in the usual first floor spot, we sail through the first 8 waves. Wave 9 comes along, and our medic decides he needs some lunch. I mean honestly who goes afk in the beginning of wave 9 to make a sandwich? So he pretty much screws us. Somehow we survived until there was 100 left. Ammo running low, 4 of us died, leaving only our commando, with absolutely no ammo, and the support who was welding the back door. Luckily our handcannons dropped, and the commando owned the front with dualies and a crossbow, getting help from the support quite often as well. So i was honestly astonished at how well longshot did (the commando). We get past wave 10 with no deaths and shotty rape patty in cubicles.

Now last nights game didn't have as happy of an ending as the others. We're on foundry, holing up on the top floor. We've got a beserker covering the back, along with me (sharp) sitting in back as well, and a commando, sharp, and support in the front. We are going well until wave 9, we got the trader on the bottom most floor that is furthest away. It is going okay, 10 zeds are left, and we are ready to jump from third floor down to first. What do ya know, a siren comes up stairs as we turn corner and does about 25 dmg to all of us. We quickly heal and jump, except for the other sharp shooter. He forgot to check his health and jumped off the floor, and cratered. So now he won't have time to go to trader and get back to top floor in time for wave 10. He goes straight to the spot, skipping trader, and rolls with just xbow and 9mm. Luckily there was 2 extra xbows, so he was fine with his ammo on that. We are doing alright, when with 50 left sirens and scrakes come, our medic is up in front meatshielding the scrake and sirens come rape us. Honestly i remember the medic's health literally hitting the 0hp mark when he starts to heal himself at the perfect time. I am yelling in vent how hes bout to die and somehow he lives with 10 hp left. We think its great, we're all alive with 30 left, we're gunna live.....right? NO, 2 fleshpounds gotta come in and rape us and we wipe with 25 specimens left. A heartbreaker.

Just thought i'd share some of my stories :)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 19, 2010
I usually play with pubs, but today, FINALLY got a game that was pretty much just all friends. Most of them were Brits, and we all had roughly 100 ping. We ended up playing 4 maps straight.

The most epic moment was probably on Evil Santa's Lair. We spent most of the time on the catwalk below Santa's chair, and were doing pretty well until 10th wave. I think only ONE guy had died prior. Anyways, our perk level 6 Support SPecialist blew himself up in a ZED pile; one guy fell off the catwalk and was swarmed, and there were scrakes out the whazoo. Just as I finished yelling at people for running away from the Medic who was trying to heal them, it dawned on me that I was the only one left...

As a perk level 4 Medic. There were about 40 Experiments left. All I had was a shotgun with a handful of bullets, my Medic Gun, and no combat armor. I basically just kited around, healing like a mad man, and welding doors behind me to stop the three scrakes chasing me down towards the end. It was a god send when I kept finding presents, and a combat armor (when I was down to just 2, however). Needless to say, I survived the wave 10 - and while we were raped mercilessly by the Patty, it was still great fun.

Then we went on to Bedlam, where one of my friends kept writing Killing Floor fanfic in the chat. I won't even go to detail about the bits about "Mister Foster squealed as Fleshpound pulled out his ZED." or the lesbian FP and Scrake. ):
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 23, 2008
ffs. was playing santas lair in the spot with downward slope, we were watching 2 ways. theres 10 left on wave 10. 3 scrakes come from bottom and 2 fleshpounds come from the front. we somehow kill them all but 1 scrake is left with one of our supports left. he runs finds an ammo box, and takes two shots of aa12 at the scrake, then decided he will get hurt first before unloading the rest of his clip...he died and we lost. bad luck there, 3 scrakes and 2 fps from opposite sides at same time. FUUUUUU


Grizzled Veteran
Mar 19, 2010
Was hosting a long suicidal Foundry game, when i played alone for the first 3 or 4 waves. In comes a few people. It's doing just fine til wave 7. At wave 7, 8, 9 AND 10 i soloed the whole frikkin sh1t due to the people dieing almost instantly on them (2x Fleshpound and 2x siren spawned on them almost every round xD). And wave 9 and 10 was with 6 players...

Was kinda funny on the later waves when most of the people left, and in came new, they left, and new ones back and forth, probably thinking i wouldn't make it :p The first guy who joined stayed the whole time and was kinda shocked that i was able to solo it ^^

Although, i was a (level 6) Berserker, so it wasn't THAT hard, it just took some time :rolleyes:

Anywho, now it was time for the Patriarch and there was the whole bunch of 6 people again. I handed out money as fast as i could, switched to Support and bought AA12... (Wish i was a Medic with Xbow that round though)

Then i just facepalmed... one Demolitions players got killed almost instantly due to standing on his pipes and aiming with his XBOW even though i shouted in the mic: "Watch out, rocket!" (The second Demolitions guy also got killed when he was trying to run away and a rocket hit closeby and exploded another pipebomb... heh -.-)
Needless to say, all that hard work ended with the Patriarch raping the whole team. I was kinda angry -.-
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 2, 2009
It was on RainyDayKid's server, holding out in the police station.

Scrakes and Fleshpounds were coming in the front doah, and i was rushing up to attack them.

Why? Because we'd all rather the Medic take it like a man than the Sharpies and Supports take it like a wuss ;)

Dual Handcannons after my M10 went dry kept the aggro on myself, so the AA12 wielding Supports can finish him safely.

Between these episodes of tanking i was keeping the team at full health.

Since i've played long enough as Medic i've figured out the Medic equivilent of a Commando knowing which spec is which by the health bar height. I can tell if someone is injured just by looking at them; this means i can detect >5 points of damage and heal it.

Later that game we chainsaw raped Patrick in the church. He was swiping at me but he kept missing o_O


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 20, 2010
Searching for survivors.
I had a pretty interesting game on West London with one friend (level 3 commando) and a bunch of pubbers, it was like wave 8 or so. The team really wanted to camp in front of the police station for some reason and would not listen to any direction I gave them. Finally when we were overrun and half the team died they realized it was time to move. Two players followed me, a level 6 support I had just bought an AA12 for and my newb friend. We ran through the tunnel, down the street where the trader shop is, and then through the next tunnel which lead us to the church. We were about to head back to the police station when we got completely surrounded. I yelled on the mic "Fall back into the church!" and we scampered for the door. My friend died from Husk fire right as we got in so it was just me and the other Support. We didn't have time to weld the doors and at this point I knew we were dead since there was still 150 or so zeds remaining. I told her "We're both going to die in here, so the only thing that matters now is that we kill as many as we can before that happens." No response on her end, probably was thinking "wow this ****er led me into a trap." With zeds pouring in from both entrances we both were falling back to the altar on opposite sides of the church while dumping AA12 rounds into the mob. A Scrake charges me, I pull the double Barrel ("come and get it mother****er") and blow it away. An FP and a Scrake charges her back behind the Altar and we both unleash with our AA12s and run dry our ammo. We took care of the FP but the Scrake finished her off, I climb into the altar and send it backflipping down the stairs with both barrels to the upper chest. I squeezed off a few more shells at the creatures before finally taking my own life with grenades as another FP was coming to pound me to death.

We died, but we died killing.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 17, 2010
I have had lots of epic games! But I just had a rather epic ending on farm HoE.
We zerked the entire map, and because we all are tired of gang-banging Patty with chainsaws we wanted to surprise him with L.A.W.'s. It went.... Well... Not really good. Not that we expected it but well.. One died at the time. But two managed to stay alive a bit longer, and avoided rockets by closing doors etc. Patty ran off to heal while Drake and Mikey_Mouse stayed in the house watching both doors, and suddenly!! Patty showed up behind Mikey in the corner ish firing of his chaingun! xD It was hilarious! What a sneaky bastard! :D

A good thing I already have Devil Cake so it's time to have different kinds of fun with Patty again.. :p


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 21, 2009
Westlondon, suicidal, public server.
Was playing Demo, team was gone, only 6 grenades for M32, M79 was empty.
Only few specimen were left, but 3 of them were scrakes.
So I ran around the map, hoping they would just die off. But they didn't.
I thought 'f*** it' and fired away, but Scrakes survived and came charging me.
Just when I turned around to run from him I saw something shiny on the floor. Our Sharpshooter dropped his Xbow !
I dropped both grenadelaunchers, took the Xbow, turned around and pierced his head from close up without aiming.
(Would have been even cooler if I could have turned around in SloMo)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 24, 2009
Today, Solo, Wave 10/10 on Biohazard, Suicidal:

I killed every FP that ran around (i was camping at the uh..."Break Room")

Suddenly i have been overrunned by a few crawlers and a Scrake.

My Health was UNDER 10! So i started running away, suddenly there was a second scrake that raged, i ran up the stairs (near the "cloning tubes") and the Scrakes kinda...blocked emselves, allowing me to blast some Shot into em.

That was DAMN close!

But i finished Patty luckily then...Achievement achieved :D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 17, 2010
Fear took over and I screamed on the mic when the Patty snuck in behind me and chaingunned me to death. Nov was the last one with me by the way not Drake.
Haha, yeah.. It was fun! And oh, right.. I didn't remember if it was Drake or Nov.. x3