SteamWorkshop- Make it easier to see what happening

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Jun 22, 2010
East Coast USA
And by that I mean let us know what we're going to have to download and at least the percentage the current download is at.

Right now when I start the game I don't know what maps are going to update/how many I'll have to update, on top of that when I was downloading the Univermag (a pretty large file sized map) I had to just alt tab for a while and occassionally pop back in to see if it's done or not, I'm not able to see how fast the download is going, or my %.

It'd really help out if these things can be put in!

I know there is already another thread in the general modding section about this but I'm making a new thread here to bump the subject up again.


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Apr 7, 2009
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Agreed it is a pain at the moment if you want to jump on and have a quick game.
A percentage showing would make it better, also the option to not update a map at that moment but delay for next time.
Yes you could unsubscribe and subscribe again later but that seems a bit backward.