Steam workshop idea, and a big thank you.

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Amun Ra

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Nov 3, 2012
Santa Fe, New Mexico
I just finished The Ball. But I wont spoil it for anyone. I consider this game excellent, better than portal in ways of interaction and physics. And the style, everything was executed perfectly. It was a fun game to complete, and I may go back for more.

However, I got one big request to make. The Ball is a Unreal 3 Engine game. Why not open it up to steam workshop for community built levels and challenges? Amnesia did it, Killing Floor did it, and several others. I think the Ball would be a grand addition in terms of community built maps and interfaces. I highly recommend doing so.

Thank you Tripwire for an inspiring game. I preordered this before it came out. I only finished it today and I am amazed by the experience. Thank you so much for getting me on The Ball. :D