Steam Achievements: Coming to RO. Soon.

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Mar 1, 2008
shambeh bambeh guru: kill 2 tanks with satchels in 1 life
rambo: kill 3 enemys with mg from the hip
blockadebrecher: recapture an objective
Hero of the Sowjetunion: hold leningrad as russian with 0%reinforcements
Iron Cross:hold k


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Nov 22, 2005
What bull**** is this? This seriously got to be a joke... Or have triwpire went from being a realistic first person shooter to a more day of defeat genre or what? Seriously is this what tripwire thinks the community wants???

How do achievements make the game less realistic? It is just a fun little "meta" thing.


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Nov 23, 2005
What bull**** is this? This seriously got to be a joke... Or have triwpire went from being a realistic first person shooter to a more day of defeat genre or what? Seriously is this what tripwire thinks the community wants???

The game is getting boring and boring for the old people. I think it's a nice addition to bring back all players, much better than adding a new map or weapon. Dare the players to challange :) It's cool as long as they make achievements which will unlock during normal gameplay, rather than forcing players to play in a specific way(so it won't destroy the gameplay).


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Feb 15, 2008
Team player with different levels, one for consistently being within a small radius of 5 team mates and escalate from there.

Aggressive player- player with as many cap zone captures as the map has had for his/her team.

SL- player with at least 5 wins as SL.

Triple digit- award for anyone going over 100 points for three consecutive maps.

MG Hero- for surviving 10 minutes while having a kill ratio of at least 3 kills per minute.

Squad player- anyone who goes to capzones within a small amount of time after the SL uses the command to do so.

Thats it for now.


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Aug 3, 2006
rambo: you love runing at your enemy with your beloved smg
req: hipshot and kill 1000 enemies with a smg
nice nader: you master the skill of trowing grenades at the right place at the right time
req: kill 7 enemies with a single nade
my lazor gun pwns!: even when your tracer bullets give away your position to all the riflemans on the server, you pwn them
req:kill atleast 750 enemies with the machinegun and have a kill ratio above 1.5 with it
****ing TKs: you have very bad luck
req: get killed only by teamates one round
daltonic: you cannot diferentiate green from brown, and so you team-kill your tanks alot (non-snow maps only)
req: team-kill 100 tanks
ghost panzerfaust: lag, bug, whatever. Your panzerfaust gets trought the enemy tank without doing any harm.
req: get 10 "ghost" panzerfaust shots
smoke+arty = I win!: you place smoke into your arty marker, and people just keep going there to die!
req: kill 1000000 n00bs with arty while they are also inside the smoke screen
get away from arty n00bs!: no matter how many times you warn your teamates to go away from your well placed arty, they just keep running into it.
req: get kicked-banned from a server by teamkilling with arty
traitor: you are a natural betrayer
req: kill 1000 team mates
spawn killer: you dont ever give a chance to your enemies
req: kill 1000 enemies while inside their spawn or 40 meters away of it
frustrated hero: you love real challenges, however it can be so... boring...
req: play a whole round in Berinza without complaining on how boring it is
wtf? invisible tanks?!: get killed by invisible tanks that only appear when you get killed
req: get killed 40 times by invisible tanks
politician: show how little you know about politics while playing!
req: "talk" for 30 minutes about politics
I need geography lessons: you dont understand the diference between a country and a continent
req: say that America is a country 10 times in a game


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Nov 22, 2005
Amsterdam, Netherlands
What bull**** is this? This seriously got to be a joke... Or have triwpire went from being a realistic first person shooter to a more day of defeat genre or what? Seriously is this what tripwire thinks the community wants???

Its a little bit of fun of which the knowledge they can use for game2 probably. Just like other steam supported stuff, a game just looks more complete on steam if it supports all options. So ro for some things works as some sort of a testing platform for some new features.

I just hope that with this that


will be added ingame to the serverbrowser. We lost the buddies list and even though steamfriends got some nice parts there is atm no easy way while ingame to see an overview of all servers where my steamfriends play. While all valve steamgames and the default steam serverbrowser does have it. So it would make the package more complete :D

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Oct 18, 2006
Semi-Rambo: kill X guys hipping within X(5) sec
Spray-God: kill X(10)people with SMG hippingwithout dying
economic killer: kill a guy with last bullet in mag X times(smg)
survival: kill guy who shot your weapon out off hands with that droped weapon
Teamplayer..: when someone in cap shouts "WE NEED HELP AT THE WAREHOUSE"(voice commend) and you join him in cap with 4 teammate and cap it this way..
Teamplayer2(quickcappers): your team cap one obj. within X(5)sec (min. teammate count in cap 8)
Teamplayer3: drop fausts for teammates as PaK-soldat near resupplypoint(none-Pak-soldat pick them up)
Hero of the battle: kill all enemys who stopped the cap at more then 90% at the last obj. and cap it(time left <30 sec)
Hero of the battle2: kill all enemys in last cap and capture it(time left <30 sec)
Hero of the battle3: stay in enemy controlled cap for >X(1)min
Angriff!!!: be the first one of your team getting hit or killed..
los, los!!!: be the first on in cap and draw the first blood(attacking side)
DIE...ffs...DIE: buttsmack someone 5 times without killing him

some sort off anti achievment would be nice... somthing like :
camper noob: go prone near spawn and stay there for X(5)min
capzone.. What?: stay out of any capzone for a hole round
something with spawn protection would be nice...: hitting enemy in spawn protection

and offtopic:
i would like too see a new kick vote system because current one seems to be too complicated for most public player, they don't know where to find it or are too lazy to vote TKs out. something like the F1 yes F2 no voting should pop up top right corner and stays there till the vote ends, or even a auto kick for people who are shooting or killing teammate (people who are staying in spawn and shooting you and your teammates all red...killing X teammates in a row[arty teamkills can not punish a good commender for stupid teammates running blind into your atry] stuff like that..)
kicked player should be banned for 1 hour or something to prevent them form reconnecting and starting all over again.
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Nov 21, 2005
Sheppards house
Holy Hand grenade - Kill 7 enemies with one grenade
Toaster - Destroy a full UC
Butterfingers - Have the weapon shot out of your hands X times in one round
Bullet hose - Fire 100,000 rounds from the PPSH
Sole survivor - Be the last one alive with 0% on Konigs with only the last cap left, and win. On a full 50 player server.
Blitzkrieg! - Be on a ~25man team that takes Berezina in 15min.
This is my Rifle - Have the top score only using a rifle x times
Victory Lap - Be on a ~25man team that takes parizerplatz in 15min
Whack-a-mole - Bash a tank commander looking out the hatch (sadly bash doesn't hurt them though)
Turning point - As russian win Kessel in X time
King of the Hill - Get ~50 kills as a russian mg in a single round of kaukaus
Carpathian veterancy - Play a Carpathian crosses map
Smoking kills - Kill x enemies while they are in smoke

some more

A bridge too far - Play in a game where the allies win Leningrad with 0% left, with axis still having riens
Hampering morale - An enemy leaves the game after you have stab/bash them for the 5th time.
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Jun 14, 2007

a few simple ones

Kill 'number' of enemies in one life
destroy 'number' of tanks in one life
accumulate 'number' of melee kills
dominate a soldiers leg with a P-tard rifle

i hope there will be other additions to game along side with achievements !


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May 31, 2008
I like the idea, but don't start adding anything stupid like "perks" or some lame BS like that.


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Dec 13, 2005
As long as it doesnt affect the gameplay ,.& doesnt take away from the realism I would be ok with it, just be very careful considering how it will influence players to play ,...the most focus should be on the "team Player " type of achievements


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Oct 10, 2005
It won't affect gameplay, they are just achievements :) Hell we are still trying to figure out what to make them so please post your suggestions (teamplay ones and the like are most likely to have a shot, some silly ones might slip by. :p)


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Oct 7, 2007
A few ideas.
Scavenger: Fill all weapon slots. That means having a primary weapon, grenades, a pistol, binoculars, a panzerfaust, and a satchel charge.
Spam Grenadier: Throw 10 grenades in one life.
Fortress Berlin: Play RO Kriegstadt, Konigsplatz, and Pariserplatz.
Slide Show: Kill an enemy with a bolt action rifle with 10 fps or lower.
Pistols at Dawn: Kill an enemy when both of you have pistols drawn and are facing each other.
Komsomol: Be the first one to die due to enemy action on any map.
Kharkov: Have a capzone change hands 4 times.
Katyn: Kill 220 enemy officers.
Volksturm:Kill an enemy infantryman with a panzerfaust.
Order No. 277: Spam "No Retreat" when your team looses an objective that can't be recaptured.
Stalker: Follow an enemy tank and kill a crewman when he exposes himself.
Rocky: Kill an enemy with a bash attack while he tries to do the same to you.
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