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Stalker suggestions

Shining Wolf

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 13, 2011
I panic whenever I see a bunch of crawlers going towards me while I'm reloading, but I don't get that feeling with stalkers. Having them be more invisible would help keep other classes from killing stalkers when commandos are keeping an eye out for them and trying to level up.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 20, 2010
I panic whenever I see a bunch of crawlers going towards me while I'm reloading, but I don't get that feeling with stalkers. Having them be more invisible would help keep other classes from killing stalkers when commandos are keeping an eye out for them and trying to level up.
Well said man. Beeb boop son, beeb boop.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 22, 2012
Nope, stalkers are fine the way they are! In fact, if you want to make them more difficult, please make them FASTER!!!

33% of the time I heal, it's because of a stalker.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 8, 2012
Stalkers are Worthless

Stalkers are Worthless

Stalkers are worthless, they should claw while moving and not claw while standing still, or do both types of attack randomly and in that case the standing still scratch should deal somthing like 20% more damage at least. With that improvements people should stop making fun of them on youtube.
And 2 more things: Who puts the lingerie on them and the tape on their breasts? Why? (someone wants their flesh eating monsters acquire a bit more decency?):confused:


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 18, 2011
Biotics lab elevator
I thought about this issue too but never got to write a post about it. Definitely two things that should be considered are:

1. Complete invisibility for non commandos, until she attacks,
2. AI that makes her take a "back route" and try to flank enemies from behind (could be wall crawling to let her attack teams that camp in dead-ends)

Also this would be much more appreciated than 100th weapon pack :/


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 17, 2013
Stalkers are not bad as they are now.

They can be a little less visible, but complete invisibility will break the game.

The "problem" is that most players can spot them at a great distance and engage them, so you have many players concentrate firepower to eliminate the threat, instead of leaving the Commando deal with it.

With experienced players this is hardly an issue even in HoE.

TWI should focus on more important things in my opinion.

Making a less visible texture for cloaked Stalkers is something that even i can do and TWI can then implement it.

Slappy Cromwell

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 16, 2009
Stalkers are not bad as they are now.
Stalkers are just as worthless now as they were four and a half years ago when I first made this thread. They have not changed one iota since then.

complete invisibility will break the game.
Making the weakest specimen in the game with one of the weakest attacks in the game slightly harder to see would not break the game.

However, I would peg complete invisibility as a low priority adjustment as the change that Stalkers have really needed these past four and a half years is the ability to move while attacking, the same ability that Gorefasts, Bloats, and Scrakes were given back then. This single change would redefine the Stalker's role in its entirety, and it would be monumentally trivial to implement said change since it only requires a bit of copy and pasting from the fix that was given to Gorefasts, Bloats, and Scrakes made, once again, four and a half years ago. This change has also been done by the community to great effect, so there's no shortage of established and fully tested references for what is essentially a 1 minute (if that) coding fix.

However, seeing as nothing has changed for nearly half a decade, I don't see Stalkers being balanced any time soon.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 29, 2010
Bad experiences I live with Stalkers:

See a Siren as Demolition go "oh sh*t" moment, fire a M79 and blow it on your own face because there was a single Stalker blocking it. Now Siren shouts other Stalkers are meatshielding her, and you have no windshield.

As a Support shot down several specimen and have to backpedal while a few Gorefasts are running at me. Oh hey I bumped something *scratch!*. Try to get away but they were literally swarmed me from behind and I have to reload while Gorefasts are coming at me from the front.

As a Sharp, aim for Scrake score a single headshot and aim for the second. At this timeline a Stalker make me go off balance and I miss the second. Now there's an angry Scrake and a Stalker who wants a kiss from your lead. It feels like gettin' caught while cheating on the Scrake with Stalker.

As a Berserker aim for Husk's head with Lever-action Rifle, stun him and move toward to finish it without wasting bullets. Instead a Stalker welcomes you on the way and now Husk snapped out from its stun to fry you.

Never had any major problems as Medic, Firebug or Commando with them. But I'd say... It would be nice to add them a bleeding effect with a bit of blinding effect.