Speed vehicles for V8...

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Yes, those limits is one of the reasons what's hold us back to create a race mod.

After the lack of coders of course.

Btw, someone ought to recreate a real (small) race circuit like Laguna Seca, Hockenheim, Magny-Cours, Zandvoort, etc.
Or something simple like the AVUS.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 7, 2006
RPM is what you are after, I have no idea how to change it, only gear ratios so it's a slow climb to 120 km/h.

Any TWI guys have any ideas?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 18, 2006
Gdansk, Poland
Have you modified the torque curve ? Vehicle mass ? If you modified the gear ratios (to get great speeds) with same torque curve, I suppose you are going to accelerate very slowly...

Well in RO slow tanks seem to accelerate and climb better than fast tanks because all have the same torque curve (so basically same horsepower)... one of things in my "to do" list...



Tripwire Interactive President
Oct 11, 2005
There shouldn't be any hard limit on the speed of the vehicles. You just need to modify the right parameters. Here are the main modifiable parameters that will affect speed/acceleration:

TorqueCurve = For an input RPM value you specify an output Torque value. The higher the torque value, the more power the engine has at that RPM range.
GearRatios = 0 is reverse, 1-4 are forward. Set your gear ratios similar to a real car (trading quick accelleration for top speed, etc).
TransRatio = This is the transmission gear ratio. Just like a real car, higher gears will give faster acceleration, but lower top speed.
ChangeUpPoint/ChangeDownPoint = This is the RPM value that the transmission will switch up/down gears. You want to switch up after the engine has reached its power curve.
VehicleMass = This is the "weight" of the vehicle. It doesn't really map to any real world value unfortunately. You just have to play with it until your vehicle "feels" right. Just remember, the higher this number, the more power it will take to accelerate your vehicle and the more power it will take to reach your top speed.

I hope this helps. I'm looking forward to seeing your stuff. On a side note, Unwheel for UT2k4 did a lot of car racing stuff, and it has the exact same vehicle physics codebase. You might want to see if you can get in contact with the creator of Unwheel and see if he/she will share thier source code with you so you can use it as a starting point.