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Specimen Mod Archive


FNG / Fresh Meat
This is an archive of modifications, in mutator form, that will allow you to add new enemies into your game. Each mod here has a basic description and a link to their forum pages, most of which have downloads, so as to help you find what you want to add to your game. Happy Hunting!

This group might not be complete, and will change with time, so if there are any you know of that are finished and not on here, please post and alert me. By doing so, you help me, the players, and the modders.

Greylisted or Non-Listed (Most of them)

The Shiver by Hemi, Benjamin, and the WPC: A teleporting super clot with a bad twitch.

The Rotting by HuNteR-: Infection has changed these clots into many variants. [Not Downloadable YET]

Hiyomod by He Who Would Be Named if Someone Would Bloody Name Him: I'm not sure what this is, but it includes new zeds

X-Mas Zeds by Benjamin: The old event ones have returned

WTFMutby Beees and Peeeas:Chaotic mutator includes many altered new zeds

Jason Vorhess by WPC&Braindead:Yes, him [No Download, unfortunately, but worth a look]

Super Zeds by Scary Ghost: for an extra challenge!

Hellfire by Hemi: Skirmishing cousin of a husk. Also includes Fatale, a rocket woman

Mad Husk by RoBoT:Its mad, and has explosives

Doom III by Marco: adds the monsters from Doom III

FirePound by Yoyobatty: Fleshpounds with fiery weapons of doom

Infected Survivors by Marco: Your evil counterparts, and well armed, too!

Hard Mode Patriarch by Marco: this fight just got a whole lot harder

Doom I and II by Marco: adds the monsters from the first 2 Doom games


The Brute by the WPC clan(Webley and Hemi), as well as Benjamin and Braindead:
He's angry, ugly, and, with a steel arm and powerful throw, can add a real punch to your game
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FNG / Fresh Meat
That's not correct. The Rotting isn't complete yet and Jason Voorhees was not released.
oh :eek: sorry, I might remove those then, I thought they did.

EDIT: Since I am rather fond of Jason, and the Rotting will be added eventually anyways, I simply reworded a few things and added warnings to the undownloadable muts. Thanks very much for pointing out the problem though!
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Retro Ace

FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 20, 2012


No one has made a summer sideshow mut? Seriously? Not that these suck they kick *** but seriously


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 3, 2010
I don't suppose anyone has an older version of The Shiver for download?

Shining Wolf

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 13, 2011
You know, since the IJC pack got put into the game, I wonder what the chances of the Brute, the ONLY white listed zed, has of getting into the standard game come this Halloween update...