[Error] Sounds problems ?!

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Jun 3, 2010
Versailles, France

- When a DP-28 or MKB is firing, all the others sounds are reduced. And the DP-28 or MKB sound itself is inconstant. Often.

- No more echoes when i fire guns indoor or in some location, room, etc (There was echoes in the beta). Always.
- Less/no echoes when someone else in my surrounding fire a weapon in some location, room, etc (design choice?).
- No sound when someone fire a weapon 25-50 meters away. Sometimes.

- No more/less distant firing echoes. Always.

-No firing sounds with some weapons when another people fire it. Happened with the PPSH 41 and MG 34.
Singleplayer and multiplayer. Sometimes.


- This issue is know: After a map loading, i loose all the sounds in my entire computer, need to reboot to get it working again. Sometimes.

- Loss of the footsteps sound, especially in single player, after switching to another character (after you died). Always.

- Can't change sound channels.

Windows 7 64.
: I use onboard audio.
Azus m5a87
AMD Phenom II X4 955.
ATI/amd 6870 1go

EDIT: It's like the cry and moaning when people die disappeared too.
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Sep 1, 2011
Same problem for me and other peoples, there's already alot of threads about it. Also seem related to micro stutters, fps spikes and loud bangs, like all sounds playing at the same time.