Sound-Swap Mutator?

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May 20, 2009
Does anyone know how this is done or know a tutorial that could explain this to me? I can only get my sounds to work online if I swap the original on my server and play. Btw, I am quite new to the UnrealEd. Also the sound-swap would be for KF_Trader.uax

Toilet Duckie

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May 18, 2009
Resident Evil 4 Merchant SFX are, simply put, hard to do.

You see, there is no "trader" in the code. The entity standing in the store isn't any different than a barrel or a car (just a static mesh, I think). The trader is nothing more than a combination of scripted comments based on the situation in game, most of which originate from within the player's themselves.

Compounding the issue is the fact that the Trader sound effects 1) Don't fit 1:1 with RE4 Merchant's quips (ruling out a simple line change), and more importantly 2) Are spread throughout the code. I'm fairly certain most, if not all, Trader SFX calls are located in KFGameType.uc, i.e. integrated directly into the game itself. I'm sure you could mod that one way or another, perhaps extend the class and only replace the voice quips with references to a package of your own, but it'd be tedious/laborious work and a hack job to boot. To get maximum mileage out of a trader voice swap, you'd probably have to add altogether new code or at least switch when certain calls occured.

Long story short: It's probably doable, but definitely a pain.