Some Zed ideas to kick around

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Dec 10, 2010
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Alright, first, spawners/minions. This thing has been suggested before, not a bad idea, but not quite what i'd look for in the game.
Avarice actually got my interest and i thought about the brains in quake 2
it's pulling ability primarily made me think about how screwed some of those super-duper-uber kiters would be if stuck in a hallway with one. less common than bloats please and i want to see the documentation from horzine typed up and posted in this thread.

Vengeance in function sounds really interesting but by design sounds a bit much like silent hill...

Great Brain also shined a bit. Illusionary ZEDs sounds like definately something id want to have stalking around, that little extra bit of panic every now and then would be nice. also, it has to have some sort of damage, even the siren and husk have SOME melee attack.

Blighter again sounds fantastic in purpose but lacks certain cosmetic appeal.

Down to Matriarch, the siren is (was) Kevin Clamely's (Patty McRageface) wife. Story being that... nevermind, im not typing this all up again, look it up on the wiki. Though taking a little more of a hunting trip to finish the game would be nice i think that instead it would be better if it was some sorta monster that sat in one spot of the map and waited for you, the longer you take to find it, the tougher it will be to kill it.