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Some wishes for KF3.. by someone who has played since start KF1


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Jun 19, 2015

This is awesome... KF3!
Ive played since the start.. KF1...

Now I just hope TWI stick to the reason why KF got so popular in the first place... It should be a simple/scary/adrenaline with good Gun feeling type of game and very satisfying effects of shooting the zeds... blood, body / bodyparts all over etc.

I also hope they exclude everything related to Crosshairs and Autoaim... atleast on PC... maybe autoaim is needed on PS or XBOX... but on PC with mouse it should not even be a choice. Please remove option of crosshair and autoaim!

Boss health bar, please exclude in KF3 (like in KF1) except for commando's as it was originally. It makes the boss fight more scary and intense not knowing how much healt he has left, and we needed to have a commando that can indicate and spend energy on actually communicating it without getting killed by boss while doing so.

Sliding... I hear rumors about implementing the ability to slide etc in KF3... personaly dont care much for extra "advanced" movement like this. I want all the effort to go into Gunplay, Zeds exploding/blood/bodyparts and graphics. Killing floor is not a Call of Duty game and sliding around on concrete or tarmac would just be weird. (leave that for the CoD games...)

Horror, more back to the KF1 vibe maybe, with KF2s gunplay and whatever combined together with unreal engine 5 and its capabilities this has the potential to be over the top awesome.

Gun sounds, in KF1 you could hear the gun sounds from your squad mates almost as loud as your own gun, in KF2 the gun sounds from your nearby Squad mates is almost muted.. why ? If your standing close to a teamplayer while he is firing his gun, it should sound as loud as your own gun. It makes the whole experience much more intense/chaotic, and I have been missing this since KF1. And thats what the game is all about? Trying to survive a chaotic situation with nice guns and smooth gameplay :)

2nd weapon / please add the 2nd weapon, pistol/rifle or whatever to the teamplayers bodies, holstered on the hip or tier 3/4/5 weapon hanging on the back when not used, so that we know what weapons our team/squad has. It can affect the gameplay quite dramatically If you can see that your SQUAD members have a big Bazooka or Tier4/5 rifle on their backs, ready for upcoming Fleshies.

Medic, in KF2 you just fire to heal and the dart hits the teammates even if not aiming straight at them, in KF1 you actually had to make sure the dart hit where your teammate was standing or else you would miss him, and he died.. :) I liked this better. It was harder.

And last off, in early KF1, standing out on the plains of the KF1-FARM map for example, with the double barrel, L&L rifle or simple weapons in HOE awating the next wave of zeds,, feeling abit helpless.... This feeling was much stronger in KF1 compared to KF2.

I still enjoy KF2... but... KF3 has biiiig potential to get the best of both worlds now in early stage of development.

Keep it simple, make it awesome :)
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