Some QoL suggestion (PS4)

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FNG / Fresh Meat
May 26, 2020
Toggled Sonar sight: i dont like the way sonar works as a single ping, it definitely should be a toggled button that keep sending pings automatically, and it should be a vision, like batman that can switch between normal vision & detective vision.

Toggled lunge: this is obvious, i view lunge as a SPRINT BUTTON, so toggle function should be available. Also preferred to move the button to L3 as opposed to L2.

Thrash button: on PS4 it should be by swiping the touch pad (any direction) , not the right analog, also it shouldn't move the camera, because its confusing and i wanna properly see the animation of thrashing.

Descend/ascend button : while we underwater, the jump & submerge button acts as ascend/descend button, but the ascend/descend movement are so small, my suggestion is to fix it by making it hold-able. Holding those buttons will make the shark continuously ascend/descend until we let go the button.

Faster animation when submerge from surface, because its so slow as it is now.

Need a clear hud that shows info about counter stacks when attacking enemies with status effects from bio electric set/shadow poison set. So far i dont see 1.

Need custom lock on icon, preferably with opacity slider, the current lock on icon is really obscuring the small targets that i can't see them properly.

Thats it for now.