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So what's the deal with Java lately?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 23, 2005
I went ahead and uninstalled it. I never use it anyway and I spare myself all the update nagging.


FNG / Fresh Meat
I need it for my net banking and logins to some public services. So it's important that I trust it, but as long as you are aware it shouldn't be a problem.

For instance don't accept running applets you don't trust, you should get a popup when they run in your browser the first time, and you should verify that it is on site you know. As long as Java is configured correctly and updated regularly there's really no cause to panic and uninstall it.

Like the article states, the fact that so many have it installed on their system is the cause of hackers targeting it. Before, they usually targeted people who ran MSIE but since many now use Firefox/Chrome/Opera they need to find other approaches.