so i finely tried playing again...

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Feb 23, 2006
only one ctd later and an hour or so of gameplay (pretty happy with the stability this time actually) and it seems to be saving my "stats" (I dont think i played more then 15min before this so there is no way these are older stats carrying over... unless they are updating from RO1?)

in about 15min i went from "Kills Bronze" to "Kills Silver" to "Kills Gold" (...kill 10 enemies and finely 250) ...not bad I think i did pretty well, had maybe 6 "confirmed" kills that round)

also in the same time frame went from the 5 melee kills achievement to the silver 50 kills (I have yet to get a single "confirmed" melee kill... i know i know.. i should work on that, but why bother when i get the credit anyway?) at Honor level 38 (started at about 7 when i loaded the game)

...22 tanks destroyed without ever driving one (I tried once to drive the tank but after 3 unplayable bugs gave up... maybe the game feels bad for me?)

...nearly a 2:1 kill ratio despite the fact I play for OBJ and at best get about a 1:1

... Im not going to go on, but you get the idea

...stats reset anyone?

(sorry I dont usually post this manner of thing, but I really think we need a stats/achievement reset if they are going to mean ANYTHING at all)
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