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Site Seeing: Moonbase


Grizzled Veteran
May 4, 2006
UnrealEd: Viewport #1
I was looking through moonbase in the editor just to get a quick look at the map and found some amusing things thrown in.


Other interesting things, go find them around the map:

*A video game console featuring a Clot Vs. Cpl Lewis. Unfortunately Dr. Guppy seems to be worked too hard making the map itself and only got 1500 points on the scoreboard.

*Trader is SINGLE and likes the big ones.

*Apparently Doors have sharp edges. Playing with them could result in decapitation. Remember what your parents told you, don't play with doors.

*Explosives in face may hurt you. No research has been done to confirm this theory but Horzine felt the need to warn its employees around the base so you should probably heed it.

*Permission was denied because you did not say the magic word.

Boomstick Effectiveness:

To the Groin: 5% across the board.

To the head: 90% on the first shot, 80% on the 2nd then dropping to 60% on the 3rd continuing to drop 20% all the way to the 5th shot in which the user then knows "It isn't happening RUN!".

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 17, 2011
Rainbow Killing Floor
Great things you found, its TWI im surprised everytime they have some event cause they have so much Easter Eggs and Crazy things xD did you also notice the Snow Man on some Pcs and the Christmas Trees ? ^^ Crazy **** here.

Offtopic 1 : I also sense some guy who makes the map so that you even go and fight outside what would be really awesome ! and maybe a bigger moonbase map or some improved versions ^^

Offtopic 2 regarding Arblarg: Hey i like your signature cause this time its not overpowerd like the buzsaw :D i like the new ZED and it even Fits in and doesnt come out like one of the overpowerd Miniguns or something we expected ^^