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[Question] Single player button problems


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 23, 2008
I'm up to the part where it's squad leader training, and it is not telling me the right buttons to do things. It is telling me to select the rifle squad with x button, but I really have to press b and click something to select rifle squad. Then after that, it is telling me to move the squad by holding f and pressing lmb, but doing that does absolutely nothing. So now I am stuck at that part of the training since it won't tell me the correct buttons to advance. Any help?

edit: it turns out i needed to have the squad selected, and use alt fire with binocs to tell them where to go...weird.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 30, 2011
Strange. For me I hit 'x' to cycle through my fire teams (assault, rifle, etc), once it said rifle, I held down 'f' and moved my mouse to where I wanted them to go (indicated by arrow icon thingy) and clicked my left mouse button. It worked.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 17, 2006
he's probably not using hte default keys. This a bug in the entire single player game. The tutorials do not reflect the correct keys.

tbh I'm a bit surprised they got the sound triggers working 70% correctly but never noticed/fixed this bug. Doesn't the game engine have an ASCII string for each key that you can just plug in there?