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Simple mutator to take health with a timer


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 21, 2008
Hello. I'm trying to recreate a mod I made for KF1 in KF2. It's rather simple, but I just want to set up a timer to take health and play a sound. Here's the code I have so far:

class MutNightmare extends Mutator

//#exec OBJ LOAD FILE="..\Sounds\NightmareSound.uax"

//var() globalconfig string NightmareTakeHealthSound; //the sound package and effect
var() globalconfig int TakeHealthInterval; //how often in seconds health is taken
var() globalconfig int HealthDamage; //how much health should be taken
var() globalconfig int HealthLimit; //how low the player's health will go before stopping
var localized string NightmareMutStr;
//var sound NightmareTakeHealthSoundEffect; //the sound effect to play when health is taken. different from the sound package itself.
//var sound NightmareGrowlEffect; //the growl effect

simulated function PostBeginPlay()
    local Object O;
    //local Controller C;
    local KFPawn_Human Player;
    SetTimer(TakeHealthInterval, true);

    foreach DynamicActors(class 'KFPawn_Human', Player) // for each player


function Timer()
    local Controller C;
    for (C = Level.ControllerList; C != None; C = C.NextController)
        if ( C.bIsPlayer && (PlayerController(C)!=None || Bot(C)!=None) && KFPawn(C.Pawn)!=None && C.Pawn.Health>HealthLimit )
            C.Pawn.Health = Max(C.Pawn.Health-HealthDamage,HealthLimit);

    TakeHealthInterval = 5;
    HealthDamage = 5;
    HealthLimit = 25;
    Description="Nightmare! mode, based on the Doom 3 difficulty setting. Player's health decreases over time. Highly configurable, multiplayer compatable, includes original Doom 3 Nightmare! sound. Version 1."
    NightmareTakeHealthSound = "NightmareSound.st_takehealth"
It's basically a rip from the KF1 mod. Right now I just want to modify every player's health all at once. I'm assuming this is pretty basic, but I have no idea how to address players or their health in KF2.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 3, 2016
Cranny mate
Here's something I had in one of my old mods:
/** Instantly heals every player by HealthRegenAmount. This will not exceed the players' max health. */
function RegenerateHealth()
    local KFPlayerController KFPC;
    local Pawn Player;

    //For all player controllers
    foreach WorldInfo.AllControllers(class'KFPlayerController', KFPC)
        //If they have possessed a pawn (a player)
        if(KFPC.Pawn != None)
            Player = KFPC.Pawn;
            Player.Health = Min(Player.Health + HealthRegenAmount, Player.HealthMax);
As you can see, this is for regenerating health, but I think you'll find it pretty simple to adapt it to what you want. If you wanted to put RegenerateHealth() on a loop, you could do:
SetTimer(Interval, true, nameof(RegenerateHealth));
The third parameter is the name of the function you wish to call when the time is up. I use nameof(RegenerateHealth) instead of 'RegenerateHealth' (yes, including the quotation marks) so that a compiler error will come up if I get the name wrong or if I change it later down the track, instead of the function simply not being called and me not knowing why. Specifying the name of the function to call allows you to have as many timers as you want, and you can give them meaningful names.

If you haven't already done so, you should probably download the KF2 SDK so that you get access to the source code (in Steam\steamapps\common\killingfloor2\Development\Src). The name of the player class is KFPawn_Human.