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Silent Banzai


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Aug 20, 2011
Come on, banzai wouldn't be awesome without the yelling.

Yesterday I ran towards the beach as a jap SL with my sword, killed an american, and just ran back to my ranks without taking any damage. :D I know it was a stupid thing to do, but it was just so awesome.

Anyway, it's not like most people care about the yelling... also yesterday I killed 5 or 6 americans, and most didn't even bother to look at me and I would just stab them in the back one by one. :p
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Sep 15, 2011
The practice of sprinting and then holding down your melee weapon just before getting to your target makes the most sense. In this regard, you are effectively rushing an enemy position (and praying your avatar doesn't spout off Japanese non-sense to give away your position) before attempting to eliminate the opposition. Then again, a group of Japanese charging through the jungle with their bayonets prepped for use (i.e. sprinting with mmb held down) would be terrifying for the lone GI watching that section of the jungle.
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