Shot down enemy Heli & slapped by the Team-kill penalty

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Sep 14, 2011
In the hills! (of England)
I shot down an enemy Loach (by shooting the Pilots out with the DShK) on the Resort map, I started to reload after a job well done, listening to the aircraft drift away through the trees. Moments later I hear it crash and...I'm kicked for exceeding the team-kill limit. The adrift & heavily damaged aircraft had been falling in the direction of friendlies. Those poor boys didn't see it coming, and neither did I!

This is the first time in many hours that I've had such bad luck (I typically get the usual kind of bad luck), but I'm not sure I should've been auto-punished for something quite so random!

Would it be appropriate for this particular series of unfortunate events to be penatly-free? (at least in terms of being kicked)