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Sharpshooter needs a rebuild.


May 21, 2015
Los Angeles
Wanna chime in to give the SPX some more love because I don't think it gets enough! :D

Aside from the boomstick, the SPX is my favorite weapon in the game. So helpful on multiple levels. Just an all-around great weapon.
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 18, 2012
The SPX is my bread and butter both as a gunslinger and as a sharpie. The LAR was already one of the most fantastic T1 gun in the game, as it's very versatile and reliable for its short price. The SPX is pretty much the LAR... on crack.

I like it even more so than the M14 EBR, and with a few upgrades : it can stay your main gun until well into the late game. I don't understand why it's shunned by so many players. It's one of the best guns in the SS arsenal.
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 25, 2012
I am not a fan of the sharpie playstyle - but the perk always felt very strong to me [and I'm not a very good sharpie, full disclosure].

Something about the "sitting duck" playstyle noted already in here has rubbed me wrong considering how much more mobility is involved in KF2 compared to KF1 .

I'm not sure how much I'd mess with it though, as I'm guessing the perk plays as it was intended. Getting more damage for being stationary makes sense for a sniping perk - but I see the conflict this creates in a game where things move pretty fast, especially on HOE.

I've never played sharpie on HOE, as it just seems like an exercise in frustration lol. That being said, some people pull it off quite well so maybe it's just something you need to get used to it you like the perk?
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Active member
Jul 17, 2012
I think Sharpshooter is fine as far as performance goes. It is suppose to be in clunky in some way and at a degree that'll keep its one-shot power from getting rampant and untamed. I mean this by large Zeds are the central pillar for keeping the game's gameplay somewhat challenging even for the most skilled players, and eliminating large Zeds in the matter of seconds if not near instantly should come trade-offs, which in this case is the perk's clunkiness slash mobility: you have to entrench yourself even just a little bit so that Zeds' offenses would at least be relevant at numerous points, instead of being negated all the time because no one would ever stop kiting them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with changes that will make the Sharpshooter perk sharper, like better invest-n-reward for being pin-point accurate (albeit unlikely given there just aren't enough of mechanics in the game to implement/push this further), but not in such ways that will practically remove the constraints that in turn allows its one-shot power being as good as it currently is.

Speaking of pros and cons, Gunslinger does that in exchange of burning ammo quickly (roughly 10% the ammo pool of .500 Magnum by average-- versus the 5% from a Sharpshooter using M99), Support does that by risking life at point-blank range, Berserker does that by requiring skills in micro-positioning and action timing. Commando could do it but it's not that efficient, and the SWAT is even more so.
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Nov 4, 2015
The problem is not SS. The problem is the nature of KF2.
Spamming zeds on all sides in tight maps will that to any Sniper class of any game.

I get that KF1 was sometimes boring and too much "shooting gallery", but the pressure was higher and mistakes were punished more heavily.

KF2 went in the right way of making the game less of a shooting gallery, but maybe they went a bit too far.