Severe FPS performance drop

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Apr 11, 2013

I come back after some times, and a lot of tweaking.

I don't know exactly what did the trick, but now I manage having mostly consistent 60fps (59 actually, actually I locked it at this to avoid tearing) except when spawning , I even could up the world detail up. Now, crowded action, artillery everywhere, running, etc... my fps counter stay consistent.

I didn't update drivers, or anything. Just some tweaks in my ini file, and a defrag on my game partition (I don't know if RO2/RS stream datas from HDD, I don't think so as RO2 ram usage never goes over 1.2GB for me).

I suspect bInitializeShadersOnDemand=True command did the trick, but I am not sure so here is a copy paste of my ROengine ini :
If it can help people to solve their problem, or help tripwire find the culprit of perf problems.

Even in the server browser I don't have fps drops anymore (before that, I got some when servers where loading).

Oh, I used umbra culling in the console, but I had done that way before I post my first message in this thread, so I don't think it is related, still, maybe it is important.

Thanks to all the people and their suggestions.

Edit: it wasn't overheating, as even when the weather temp is 32
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Jul 9, 2013
I have been away from playing the game for several months now (mainly because it wasn't playable) but I worked out what the problem was, in the end.

My CPU was overheating and it was being throttled to reduce temperature. I did check the CPU temps and they didn't seem to be the problem, but I since realised this was because they were so high (over 100c!) that the readings were bugging out and capped at 80c (whilst that is still high, the fact that it didn't increase, when playing RO2, threw me off from the root cause). What made me think it was the game was the way it all started fine but then performance dropped after a certain time-frame, yet none of my readings were changing (as you'll see from my posts).

What caused it was the conductive grease on my heatsink; it had worn away/degraded over the years. It was basically just enough to keep my system running but when my system started to crash whenever the CPU came under heavy load I realised that must be the culprit, even if the temperature didn't seem to be going higher than 80c. So I googled my CPU and checked to see if it throttled when overheating and indeed it does. RO is a CPU intensive game, so it would have caused the symptoms. But when I realised the same issue was happening with much older games (some as old as 10+ years), I realised it had to be my CPU throttling - it got worse, to the point it was throttled at start up.

So I have replaced the heatsink with a new application of conductive grease and it's fine now (CPU temperature reads around 45c and 60c max under load). I'm downloading the game on Steam again and will be trying it again this weekend.

I really have missed the game, so I'm looking forward to playing again :) Thanks to everyone who did try to help me get to the bottom of the problem.
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Nov 15, 2017
The Beast (nl);n1815644 said:
Make some tweaks so you can skip the intro and your game starts faster,

no intro, My Documents\My games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Config\ROEngine.ini


Map loading,

Go to "my documents/my games/redorchestra2/ROGame/config/" and open ROEngine.ini.

Search for ISVhacks, and change:

bInitializeShadersOnDemand=false to true

This can reduce map load time from 1-2 minutes to under 30 seconds.

Try this,

1.) Verify game cache at steam game properties.

if that doesn't work

2.) Exit steam, delete everything under your steam folder except

steamapps folder

after that restart steam, it will auto-update itself

Which motherboard and bios version do you have?

Thankx Now i can Choose Marksmen First and got good FPS .......thanks for the Skipping that shitty intro to choose makrmen i love sniper in Stalingrad watch Enemy at the gates movie