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Serverops Bug List

[rs2.fi] Tuomainen

Active member
Apr 16, 2010
These are the server-side/WebAdmin bugs that needs addressing, in no particular importance order.

If you are running own server in RS2, join their official Discord and tag [TW]Kitten Mittens to give you access to #serverops channel for peer support among other server admins/operators.

Some of these things are small things and low on priority list but in the end of the day, when there are dozen minor things broken, getting the list fixed all together would be a huge QoL improvement for serverops.

The Unrank Bug
  • Server becomes randomly unranked middle of the match, preventing new players to join. A server fixes the bug itself by resetting campaign/restarting the server/changing the map.
WebAdmin: Reserved Slots
  • If you have enabled option Admins Supersede Normal Members, reserved slots stops functioning. Broken since the beginning.
  • Players with a reserved slot gets "kicked for a member" upon map change. Started occuring when queue system was introduced.
  • A player with a reserved slot joins a server, gets placed into queue (rare).
  • A player with a reserved slot joins a server, gets placed into queue of another server (rare).
WebAdmin: Players
  • Member column isn't sortable like any other columns.
WebAdmin: Squads
  • Squad numbers are starting from zero (0), giving squads wrong numbers in WebAdmin compared to the game numbers. In WebAdmin it shows:
    Squad Number = 0 | Squad Name = Alpha
    Squad Number = 1 | Squad Name = Bravo
WebAdmin: Settings
  • Balance Teams On Death setting does not function as described middle of the game. Teams can get out of balance with +10 difference even, the other team having over 32 players. Description of that setting says "Force team balancing when a player died". There is always many deaths and teams still stay unbalanced.
  • Max Team Difference does not function as fresh joiners can join a team that has greater difference than max team difference.
  • Artillery Punish Scale: even when set to 0, it still autokicks TL for exceeding teamkill limit.
WebAdmin: Campaign
  • "Saigon territory becomes empty with no maps in it. When the campaign is running you can still vote for the maps that were orginally assigned to that area, but when it loads it just plays the server default map instead, upon checking the Campaign layout in the webadmin, the Saigon territory is empty with no maps assigned. We have: VNTE-QuangTri and VTSU-Huecity assigned to it normally." - Reported by [40-1]BozzoTheManiac
  • Saigon territory keeps adding SU-HueCity back into the territory even a server is running 100% custom maps and there are no ini mentions about the map either. It just keeps adding itself back.
  • If you wish to have a same map in more than one territory, dragging a map does not function. It can be added via "Basic Edit Mode" or through ini but dragging doesn't work anymore if a map already exists in the campaign layout.
Miscellaneous WebAdmin bugs
  • WebAdmin's font package is different from the game's because every non-latin language is seen as ????? in player list or chat.
Missing Tool Tips

This means those tips when you hoover your mouse over a setting and instead of showing description of the setting it shows lines similar to this:
?INT?WebAdmin.GeneralSettings Tooltips.bAllowMidGameVoting?
  • Members > Settings > Debug Level
  • Settings > General > Server Information > Server Type
  • Settings > General > Game > Ready Up Delay
  • Settings > General > Map Voting (Everything in this tab)
  • Settings > General > Kick Voting > Anonymous Votes / Kick Voting / Kick Voting Time
  • Settings > General > Chat > Dead-to-Dead VoIP / Positional 3D VoIP
  • Settings > Gameplay > Clan Match > Override Max Player Scaling
  • Settings > Gameplay > Gameplay Override > Focus Zoom Type
  • Settings > Gametypes > Rules
    (Almost everything in this tab in every game mode)
  • Settings > Gametypes > Game
    (Almost everything in this tab in every game mode)
List will be completed/edited once new bugs are found and old ones will be removed once those are fixed...
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 4, 2013
I can confirm all of these bugs exist. I would add there may be another one as far as being unable to click and drag the same map into more than one campaign territory. It can still be edited it basic edit, but the dragging mechanism is bugged.

There are also still various tool tips that aren't properly displaying either when you mouse over some setting options. Getting a list of those would help too.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 11, 2006
Here are a few of my observations.

WebAdmin: Reserved Slots
  • Sometimes you can edit an existing member, to change the date for example, yet other times it doesn't bring up the form with the member's details.
  • It would be good to include a checking process when entering a new member. To check if the person is not already a member.
  • It would be good if the default was Steam ID and not Unique ID. For me it would anyway.
WebAdmin: Campaign
  • If you have a long list of maps 50+ the regions section is pushed too far down the page to use the drop and drag feature if adding maps at the top of the list. It can be done but very difficult. Can the page be split so the regions section stays at the top. Not a major issue as I use Basic Edit mode.
  • Maps that have been removed from a campaign regions area often return. Could there be some instructions on that page reminder people of the process to remove maps. I.e stop campaign from running, refresh the page, rotate in your chair 360 degrees.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 4, 2013
Have any of these issues been follow up with for a patch? Would be great to get the reserved slots fixed at least, but all of these would be great to have fixed.

I would also suggest a small QoL update to the campaign map layout to where you can see the point values of all of the territories rather than having to google a campaign map screenshot each time.
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