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Server Server issues: Anticheat Error, Ranked bug?, Welcome screen banner not showing


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Oct 11, 2020
Hello everyone! I am new to the whole Rising Storm 2: Vietnam server stuff but I have been unable to figure out these issues no matter where I look online. The server is on the latest server build (using app_update 418480 validate).
  1. This
    Warning: Warning, Anticheat is not loaded. Clients will not be required to have anticheat to play on this server.
    I have been unable to find anything related to this anywhere.
  2. When I am playing, I get ranked up to 20 on my server but when I get off then back on the game, I'm level 19 again. I checked my settings, it seems everything is set up properly. (Attached below is a screenshot of what my server is showing)
  3. The welcome screen banner will not show up no matter what I do. I tried to follow some other posts like this: Welcome Screen Image not showing. but no matter what I try, it will not show. I use Pant.net, exported as 8bit, 24bit, 32bit png as 512x256, and 512x128, hosted on the server itself (web/images/welcomebanner.png), on imgur as https and HTTP, but every single one of them didn't work. The image is posted below.
    Fresh_Life_Gaming_Community_Logo_Banner_new 512x256.png
There is an issue right now with EAC and it is not working.

Do you have mods on your server?
Ah alright, and I have 0 mods, everything straight from SteamCMD. The only settings changed from the web admin is just the voice chat (so no public channel), server name, welcome screen, turning on the campaign, admin password, and chat advertisement. Everything else is left as default settings.
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Same problem happened to my new server.
After I deleted and reinstalled dedicated server in Oct 13th, I couldn't find 'EasyAntiCheat' folder at \Binaries\Win64 since then.
I've tried 'app_update 418480 validate' already. My server has no mods.
Maybe they simply forgot to include EAC folder in it when releasing 1.5.x..
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