Send off for ROOST - 24 hours of RO1 before the release of RO2

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 16, 2005
Perhaps I could get another server going just to say goodbye. Back at the last mod night I called the server the 32 player server the last waltz :p.

Oh god, the memories! I remember that day very well, it was awesome :)
I remember playing on the red square map, my team had to cross the square while the enemy was holed up inside a building at the other side of the square.
Time and reinforcements were running out, so we coordinated a last charge, about 10 or so of us. Needless to say we got cut down but it was great running towards the edge of the square while teammates were dropping left and right ^^
That was the last map of that night, before everybody left and ROOST came out.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 6, 2009
I was thinking of doing some kind of crazy kickoff for RO2's launch. Anyone else interested?

I could borrow or set up a live stream for it. The idea is pretty much play for 24 hours as a send off to one of the greatest games ever made. Hopefully with a set time we can get huge peak numbers for RO before RO2 launches.

Um 24 hours? How about 24/7, then I'm in.

Let me just get a stomach tube and I'll be good to go.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 9, 2010
In my own forums, I had just begun to talk about what my clan will do as a last send off for RO:Ost, before ro2 comes out.

We have a bunch of ideas, but the one I thought was interesting was giving away a free copy of the game.

Perhaps we will all attend this as well, see who can stay up and play the longest.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 19, 2009
ROOST free weekend is a horrible idea.

I can't get my friends to play ROOST, then only reason is that they won't be cursing for a week at their pc's when they can have a friendly learning curve when ROHOS comes out.

Although I curse at them for not buying ROOST anyway for