Season pass 2022

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Jul 5, 2022
Hello ! I'm thinking of buying the 2022 season pass but I'm wondering if it includes the content of the armoy pass or are they individual? Thank you!


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Oct 10, 2005
The only "season" pass is the armory pass. Currently there are now 2 armory passes you can purchase invidually, or you can get the ultimate edition upgrade which has the following included:

Armory Season Pass 1 which includes 16 weapon bundles.
Armory Season Pass 2 which provides immediate access to all 6 new 2022 weapon bundles as they are released
... and additional standalone Add-ons including:
- Mrs. Foster Playable Character
- Cyberpunk Outfit Bundle
- Headshot FX Pack 1 & 2
- Foster Classic Bundle
- Briar’s Bobby Bundle
- Tanaka’s Biker Bundle
- DAR Assault Armor Bundle
- Commando Chicken Bundle
- Pajama Bundle
- Clot Backpack Bundle
- Dragon & Koi Complete Weapon Skin Set
- Badass Santa Bundle
- Witch Hunter Outfit Bundle
- Santa’s Helper Outfit Bundle
- Space Pirate Outfit Bundle
- Space Pirate Full Gear Bundle
- Reaper Outfit Bundle
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