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KF Searching for a clan.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 19, 2013
Just installed KF again after not touching it for the better part of a year almost. Searching for a clan that is tight knit, 18+ (Or at least most members, sorry don't want to get on Team speak and hear children screaming.), active and in the US or UK.

Steam: Boop~

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Communication: TS, Steam (I do have skype but will not hand it out freely..)

Perk ranks:
Commando: 3
Sharpshooter: 6
Medic: 6
Berserker: 3
Support specialist: 4
FireBug: 6
Demolition: 6

Favorite Class: Commando, berserker, support specialist.

How active are you: Currently out of a job and still looking so I am very active at the moment.

Other games you play:
Black ops 2
League of legends
DOOM now and then, just picked up the BFG edition so.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 5, 2011
I'm interested in joining ya.
Steam name: Dub. (I'll add my steam link when I get home.)

Age: 15. (No, I won't be screaming over the mic or anything. )

Communication: Steam, TS3, Mumble.

Gender: Male.

Perks: All of my perks are level 3 or higher. I have one level 6 which is my Sharpshooter.

Favorite Classes: Sharp, Zerker and Firebug.

Active-ness: I am a Sophomore in High School. I have all the time I need to play, honestly.


Super Moderator
May 22, 2011
There is no such thing as MY thread. This is a public forum and any member can post in any thread as long their post is within the forum rules.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 11, 2013
dont know if your still looking or not but the gaming group im in at the moment have just opened a PC section and we are recruiting right now. Ive put up a recruitment thread in the clan section :) siCK No Cure