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ScriptWarning Log spam when using Pulverizer explosive attack

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Oct 3, 2015
Category: Code

Reproducibility: Always

Summary: When using the Pulverizer's explosive attack, the log gets spammed with 'Accessed array out of bounds' ScriptWarnings.

Description: For one example of this:
[0116.48] ScriptWarning: Accessed array 'KFWeap_Blunt_Pulverizer_0.UpgradeFireModes' out of bounds (6/6)
    KFWeap_Blunt_Pulverizer kf-sometestmap.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.KFWeap_Blunt_Pulverizer_0
    Function KFGame.KFWeapon:GetUpgradedAfflictionPower:00B7
The issue is between KFGame.KFWeapon and KFGame.KFWeap_MeleeBase. KFWeapon has UpgradeFireModes[] defined at about line 944 (v1075 SDK), with 6 elements (note that this is a static array for whatever reason). However, KFWeap_MeleeBase has a CUSTOM_FIREMODE const set at 6 (which is used for the Pulverizer explosive attack). Because of this, the log gets spammed with the above ScriptWarning when using this attack.

To fix this, either make UpgradeFireModes[] a dynamic array and add UpgradeFireModes[CUSTOM_FIREMODE] to KFWeap_MeleeBase, or just give UpgradeFireModes[] a length of 7.

Online/Offline: Both


Tripwire Interactive Community Team
Staff member
Mar 11, 2016
Killing Floor Discord :)
This was a known issue. There has been a fix done internally that's awaiting QA to verify resolved. If all is good fix would be in the next update. Thanks for the report!
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