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[Image] Screenshot & Movie Thread


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 16, 2005
The graphics are loads better than in Halo 2, just look at reviews. Oh and you can't convince me because you're simply wrong.
Anyone can write a review, and most of them are bull**** these days.
They give overrated games 9's just because they're big names and popular with the masses, and gems that are less known much lower scores then they deserve. Oh my, imagine the thought of not telling the crowd what it wants to hear!
I can know cause ive been subscribed to gaming magazines for a long time and they lost all my trust. I find myself disagreeing with them more and more these days.
Also, i did not say graphics didnt advance at all, just that there is very little noticeable improvement IMHO.
And to prove that any idiot could make a game review, try G4 tv lol :p
There's the biggest assrape if i've ever seen one :p


Glorious IS-2 Comrade
Nov 22, 2005

I wonder what they were eating while designing all that stuff. Must be one of the best combinations both the enemy design and the name.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 13, 2006
Hamilton, ON
First time I played that mission, I laxative'd the Fuchs brother and quietly followed him into the toilet and shot him square in the heart only for him to collapse onto the floor and start wallowing in his own blood, crap and Borscht. It was one of those "Oh crap it's not working!" kind of moments you'd except from a Coen brothers film lol. I empted the mag into him and ran :p