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[Image] Screenshot & Movie Thread


Grizzled Veteran
Apr 30, 2009
Sub-Level 12
I'd rather see more of the goddamn batman.
I am the night!

"It's the Batman!"

"Let's get him!"

"Wha...what's he doin' to Franky."



"Yeah, let's just get the hell out of here."

"I think I'm going to go back to school."

"Ya know, I've been thinking of getting a part-time job...."
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FNG / Fresh Meat
May 5, 2009
These are (sadly) with all visual settings maxed out in the beta. AA does not yet natively work in the beta.
Awwwwww yeaaaaaah...

This is the new Star Wars MMO right? In the case, the graphics are rather good.

Murphy, is that Dead Space?


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 5, 2009
Some BF3 gameplay. The video looks far worse than the actual graphics... I must have set FRAPS to record at a low quality.

Battlefield 3 Gameplay - YouTube

Settings are medium, 2x AA, 1680x1050 and decently playable. Though I will have a GTX 560ti 2GB sometime in the next week so I will see how well it runs then. :)


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Nov 22, 2005
What a weird way to hold a pistol. I suppose this is emulating how TV and movie characters are holding guns lately as they do want to hold them up with both hands and point them at the camera because they're professional badasses, but they don't want them to obscure the faces so they're holding them weirdly from the side somehow. Kind of funny to see this in a first-person shooter too now, where it serves no purpose at all.:)

How's the compatibility with consoles, Zips? That would be the main selling point for me. Being able to play with a couple of console-buddies of mine. Do they get auto-aim so they can keep up?


Grizzled Veteran
Mar 4, 2006
It's a PC only beta for now (as far as I'm aware at least) so no idea how well it deals with consoles in any fashion. UI for the PC is also unfinished since they had to get the console UI done for when they showed it off at PAX and Eurogamer Expo, etc.