SameWeapon or RiffleOnly mutator

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 21, 2011
One of the purposes of the ranking system, and by extension, the whitelist, is to provide a uniformity in gameplay. TWI wanted the ranked server list to be fairly consistent, that's why even just fiddling with some of the game options can unrank a server. A mutator that changes the weapons of an entire team is clearly changing gameplay, drastically. I don't expect it would be whitelisted. That's just not what the whitelist is there for.

To be honest, I wasn't sure that even my Antilag mutator would get whitelisted. I was very careful to make sure that I wasn't producing any different weapon or wounding behavior from the stock game, but there is absolutely no question that the gameplay is different on a server that has it compared to a server that doesn't. It skirts the edges of what qualifies.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 14, 2010
Hello !
Furax44 is making a new mutator , a real Rifle Only Mutator with no possibility to change weapon .
- All class have a Bolt Rifle at First weapon
- no Pistol
- Squad Leader and Commander have Smoke grenade
- Commander can make Artillery

Please Test our server : FR - MultiTeams Mutator RifleOnly en test

We want this mutator to be WitheListed soon for all clan love to play with bolt rifle only

If you see any bug , please report here

Thanks You !


Oct 21, 2011
Does this mutator leave possibility to use explosives? I'm planning bolts only event and need to know if engineers will still be able to blow obstacles.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 27, 2013
Don't want to be pro or con, but I like the idea of everyone on a side having the same weapons. I'm sure this could be abused, but I've been on a few ranked servers where, sides are locked, seems aim bot or some form of it was used, kicked sometimes because I was the only live player on my side and sniping the other side up. And many other strange stuff. I think this would be a nice change of forcing players out of their comfort zone. If done right this could add players allowing new players the chance to see the best sub machine guns for both sides, no smoke grenades, 4 frag, no pistols.
Whatever could be agreed to by the admin gods, also make these games ranked but
you get no upgrades or padded kill info put towards your ranking. Just a players thought here, look I can't even get my headset to work but love to snipe!


Jun 23, 2006
Chartres (France)

It happens a few times to use the mutator SameWeapon (server SK). Unfortunately in this case the server is not listed and there are fewer players.