Russian Roulette!

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Jul 5, 2012
I first played with mr Amber. He showed me theh way to play and I played with my buddies.

lol this is a fun game, but credit is due to chris and deepblue for showing me this game 8D

so, now we know where this came from!

Russian Roulette. KF Style.

1. Each player must set same amount of pipes, while facing up. Try to spread out evenly.

2. Get a 6 shooter! M32 (M32 causes 1 hit kill no matter what) or a .44 Magnum ( Level 4 demo and above can take 2 pipe bomb hits with full armor before dying )

3. Take turns shooting a pipe while standing on top. Cannot shoot the same one again. Last one alive wins! (Note: Stand away from who ever is shooting. A dead body triggers surrounding pipes)

As I said, M32 is 1 hit kill, Magnum is 2 hit for level 4 and above. Level 4 demos survive a single pipe bomb blast with 1HP from 100HP and 100 Armor.

4. Have Fun! No healing! :D


Here is my recorded game, with members from the banana club. :D

Killing Floor | Russian Roulette BANANA STYLE | Part 1 - YouTube

Stupid video won't embed... nvm. fixied it :]

Seems like not everyone enjoys this as much as me and my friends do. 8(

lunarhert said:
obnoxious music and introduction, bad video, 0/10 kill yourself you disgusting f*gg*t.

You sir, need a banana... 8)
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Amber Glass

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 19, 2011
lol this is a fun game, but credit is due to chris and deepblue for showing me this game 8D