RS2 Mapping: Drag and Drop from the Content Browser

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Active member
Jan 20, 2011
It looks like drag and drop doesn't create an obstacle actor anymore, but looking at the collision settings on the mesh, it's settings for "block all" and "block rigid body" are still checked. Compared to hold "s" and left click to add, only has block weapons checked.
The kicker is, looking at the vanilla RS2 maps, almost all of their objects look as if placed from drag and drop. They all contain "block all" and "block rigid body" set, at least concerning vegetation, rocks, and other environment mesh.

Any input from those who are in the know?


Active member
Dec 18, 2012
I tried to recreate what you mentioned, but did not have the same issues that you did.

1. Drag and drop will indeed place a static mesh down but the collision is set to BlockAll for me
2. Selecting a mesh in camera mode and then holding the S key while left clicking on the map will also place a static mesh with BlockAll collision
3. Using the Static Mesh Placement Tool (Arch looking symbol in left panel) will also place a static mesh but the default setting in the static mesh tool is BlockWeapons. So if you want to use this method to place a mesh, just change the collision settings to BlockAll before you start placing meshes.

As far as "block rigid body" settings, I'd go with the default settings. In the tooltip for this setting it states that its not used in any physics calculations anyways.
Sep 28, 2014
You really shouldn't be dragging and dropping anyway, it's still bad practice. Always do Right Click -> Add StaticMesh.

Plus that way you don't have to keep dragging over and over, and you also have a lot more control over placement.


Grizzled Veteran
Mar 11, 2006
In Unreal
Dragging and dropping a mesh got fixed and works properly now -- although I can't get out of the habit of holding down S, plus it's a bit quicker anyway.