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[] Tuomainen

Active member
Apr 16, 2010
We are a Finnish community for all the Finnish gamers and our international friends within RO franchise. In RS2 we have been since the launch but in RO franchise we have been longer. [] is a community, not a clan. Players with our tag are server admins. Our focus is on providing enjoyable public gaming experience within RS2 and to offer a platform to find company to play other RO franchise games. We are devoted on helping the devs and community modders to make the game even better by participating actively in testing and by providing server-side feedback. We do not participate in competitive matches.


We offer four different servers with varying settings. See the updated settings in our Discord.

[] Komppania Törni #1 ★
[] Komppania Törni #2 ★
[] Komppania Törni #3 ★
[] Komppania Törni #4 ★


We are offering all our European community players a reserved slot on our servers. A player with a reserved slot gets to pass the server queue when joining the full server. By this we want to support the active gamers in our community. The more active teamplayers on the server at the same time, the better the experience for us all.

Applying and being granted a reserved slot doesn't come with any obligations. If you are given a reserved slot, that does not mean you join []. Only our admins wears our tag. You do not have to pay for anything. You come and go as you please. [] is a relaxed community, not a clan enforcing strict playtimes. We want to grant a reserved slot for all active good-mannered players, to have the best experience possible on the server. Anyone can apply for a reserved slot. It is recommended to play for a while on our servers and to get acquainted with the other players. Everyone is welcome to our servers. We want to create an active environment for our servers where players care about the gameplay and communication. As a community, we can make the games on the server better.

See the details and application form in our Discord.


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RO2/RS Steam Community (FI):
DH Steam Community (FI):
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