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RPG tower mode.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 10, 2020
New Hampshire
It would be called "Killing Floors". Basically you slay stuff on semi random little arena like maps with increasing difficulty. Level up, get loot.

The game lacks anything worth persistently going at pretty badly, this would change that. I'm thinking you just have a generic class with a fairly large skill tree with mostly generic bonuses. You know, lots of conditional bonuses that would change how you have to play. Then like five equipment slots that have your randomly generated loots. Four rarities, with one more affix per rarity, getting two defensive and two offensive at the best rarity.

The defensive ones would mostly be small bits of resistances to different damage types and enemies, way more rarely though you could get things like move speed, max health and heal speed. The offensive ones would be generic weapon type damage boosts and specific weapon ones, more rarely would be head shot damage and damage to bosses, and just to **** you there could be stumble power in there. (With a way to build to do a sweet stumble support though)

With the generic and specific weapon boosts able to be rolled together it could be really sweet. You got a lot of SMG damage and some bonuses to the Hemoclobber, you're gonna be able to switch up your game play a lot. You want to min-max and your favorite weapon is the Caulk and Burn, trade for as many thrower/Caulk and Burn equips as you can and get OP. I'm sure you guys can think up a lot more stuff to expand on the gear though.

For rewards, I think it'd be sweet to make some really badass weapon skins that are like ultra rare drops from specific ranges of floors. Also, this mode wouldn't give any vault dosh or complete normal challenges. It would have its own challenges that award XP, and maybe make a few rewards for weeklies for it.

One last thing I wanna add, loadouts. You should get three loudouts slots for different skill trees and gear. The skill trees can only be respecced from an item, which would be a fairly rare drop from bosses.

So yeah, this stuff would make the game massively more enjoyable to play regularly and for longer periods of time. Really the only reason to play regularly is time gated rewards, this would make it actually fun to play for progression. I also can't imagine this stuff would be extremely hard for you guys to do.

Do it, it'd be so sweet.