ROO gets a little love

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Of course, a stingy person might point out that in games like Day of Defeat: Source and Red Orchestra we're getting bonus materials just as good as the Call of Duty 2 map packs for free. Indeed, there was a time (once upon a better time...) when we got all map packs and expansions for free. EA tried selling smaller expansions for PC games, like the Battlefield 2 booster packs, and the exercise has largely been a failure - trying to find more than about a half a dozen good servers for Euro Force or Armoured Fury, the two booster packs for BF2 to date, is an exercise in futility.

From this article:

Hehe, looks like the devs are on to something :D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 10, 2006
East Coast, USA
And that's part of the reason 'next-gen' consoles aren't for me. Possibly the Wii (god I hate that name :p) but we'll see how their online-system-thingybob works later down the line.

Just the same, it's good to see ROOST's name is getting out there more, for sure :)