RO2 RO2 MP: getting kicked out to menu every 4-7 minutes, it says "Connection Lost"...

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FNG / Fresh Meat
May 29, 2018
RO2 MP: getting kicked out to menu every 4-7 minutes, it says "Connection Lost"...

I have a 100Mbit connection, I have a AMD 290 video card, and Win10 64bit. I choose the best ping servers, 20-30 ping, and I have every video setting except texture and model quality turned down to low. I play in 1920x1080, getting super-great framerate.

Here I am ingame, with my friend:

Here is my ping while I am actually in the server (48 ping):

Here is the message I get every five damn minutes:

I have played for several days now, every evening, and I can't go five minutes without getting kicked to menu, then I rejoin the same server, same map, and the same ongoing match (the game remembers my kills inbetween being kicked!) and I play for five minutes more before getting kicked out again.

I don't use mods, I don't use Steam Workshop. I just bought this game on Steam, installed it, and started playing, and in the very first map and round I get kicked out after five minutes.

I have tried different servers, it's the same everywhere.

My other games don't have this problem, I can play "Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition", "The Forest", "Elite Dangerous", "Squad", and a bunch of other online games, no problem! This is the only game that behaves like this!

What can I do to make the game play reliably?? I am very grateful for constructive advice.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 29, 2018
I have about the same problem but its everytime a match finishes and it starts loading another match i always lose connection. Im still trying to find a solution to this.