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RO2 Beta Update Changelog - September 2


Tripwire Interactive President
Oct 11, 2005
We're going to be rolling an update to the beta out shortly. Here is the changelog for your perusal:

- Turned on Speedhack detection and added a system to allow server admins to decide what to do with a player when they are detected using a speedhack (kick, session ban, or permanent ban).
- Fixed PreStartDuration not working properly which caused the round to start prematurely after a map change.
- Fixed getting stuck with a zoomed FOV when using grenades
- Added ability to turn off anti-aliasing
- Fixed floating meshes when a player dies
- Fixed destructibles not updating their shadows when destroyed
- Fixed DOF inside tanks
- The ranked server system is now operational
- Player progression stats are now saving and loading
- Unranked servers are now showing up as unranked in the browser
- Realism modes are hooked up and functional
- Killing a tank now gives extra points based on the number of players in the tank
- New map list: Gumrak, Grain Elevator, Barracks, Red October Factory
- Team balance changes. Commanders and top scoring players no longer get team swapped on death. The role select menu will not appear immediately to make it more obvious that you have died. Also, fixed a bug where an axis soldier could spawn on the allied team or vice versa.
- Fixed some HUD icons sticking around on the screen
- Fixed Countdown ending with time still on the clock
- Fixed automatically firing your weapon sometimes when respawning
- Fixed some issues with scoring in Firefight and prevented running out of reinforcements in this game type
- F10 will now cancel a pending server connection properly when stuck on a loading screen

Oops, missed one thing:

- Fixed the Welcome Screen editor in webadmin making the welcome screen text invisible in game

Edit, we fixed a few more things while we were getting the update ready:
- Fixed weapons not firing accurately when in ironsights while using non-default ironsight zoom settings (i.e. anything less than 1.0 in the settings menu).

=GG= Mr Moe

FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 16, 2006
Newton, NJ
Geez, that's great.

Hope you guys get to relax at least a little this weekend, sounds like you are adding new meaning to the word overtime!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 20, 2011
Apartments and Fallen Fighters are out for now while we focus on these new maps.
Okay thanks just one question, is it a relaxed Realismus thing or a Bug that you can instantly switch from AP to HE rounds in tanks?

Anyways awesome , you have fixed alot of stuff in these few days, you guys rock