RO Western?

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Oct 7, 2007
I recently played some of half life 2's fist full of frags mod and I was quite impressed. As long as we have joke/fun maps like those race maps and bayonet only fights, we could have wild west RO. Like the pistol only danzig, but maybee throw in a rifleman or two with a rifle modded to hold only 1 shot at a time.

Or maybe just give us a regular RO map in a desert, that would do the same thing but easier. Infantry combat in rolling dunes would certainly be exciting!

(Yes I know Mare Nostrums in the desert, but there taking a while and haven't
updated in a long time.)

Don't take this post too seriously anyways, I'd rather see realistic Search/Destroy maps being made then RO_Fistfullofnades or things of that nature.