RO:HoS to become mainstream?

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Alvin Fuchs

FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 4, 2010
Faustin' IS2s
I really am going to have to agree with Ostheim and say (hope) that the future, distant distant future, of gaming will be millions of users interacting through some sort of neural interface. Virtual Reality? Let's take it a step up and make it Simulated Reality.

Suppression? Well, you don't really want to be shot when it feels real. "Tank Jumping"? Let's see how fast you can get the hatch locking mechanism open with your sweaty, oily, bloody hands. Adjustable Sights? You squeeze that sides of that range bar and do it yourself. Vehicle Interiors? Obviously, it's simulated reality. Fear of Death? Oooh yeah. You die, you die. Use your mind to bring up the menu and create an entirely new persona.

Of course, this is probably 2050+ technology we're talking about... but I can dream.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 6, 2009
No no no no no

RO can never become too mainstream. European players don't understand what it's like to boot up Ost and have nowhere to play for months at a time.

A few scrubs babbling about pingscores and wingshots are absolutely nothing compared with the joy of actually playing with real, live human beings, and being able to genuinely recommend this game to people due to its thriving community. I want Red Orchestra to be top end, first rate product, loved by every reviewer and player and envied by every developer.

A good thing is not spoiled by other people loving it, and with any luck, in time they'll all be :IS2: spamming nerdraging tank history fanatics like the rest of us losers.